Wednesday, 29 May 2024

A Champion’s Look

Looks aren’t everything, but in a volleyball match, how you present yourself can make a difference. Our facial expressions and body language often reflect our performance on the court. When things are going well, we tend to show confidence with a smile, walking tall, and a strong posture.

On the flip side, if our team is struggling and we’ve made mistakes, our body language might reveal our frustrations – frowning, shaking our heads, slumping, and shuffling slowly across the court. However, it’s essential to remind ourselves and our athletes that no matter how tough the competition gets, we should always maintain a composed demeanor.

By looking as if everything is just fine, even in challenging situations, we can frustrate our opponents. They might be winning, but when they see that we remain unfazed, it can have a psychological impact on them. They start to question why we’re still confident despite their lead. Our resilience becomes a source of discouragement for them.

Moreover, carrying ourselves with confidence can positively influence our thoughts. Studies have shown that by consciously projecting a positive image – smiling, walking upright – we can actually improve our mindset.

Not only does looking good affect our opponents and our own mentality, but it also sends a crucial message to our teammates. Just like Coach Mike Krzyzewski of Duke University, who emphasizes a “strong face” in his basketball players, exuding confidence can inspire and motivate our team. When they see us carrying ourselves with intensity, focus, and optimism, they know that victory is within reach.

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Our thoughts and body language can infect our teammates, either positively or negatively, and this can greatly impact the outcome of a game or match. Even on our off days, when we’re not performing at our best, it’s vital to maintain a positive mindset and avoid negative thoughts and body language. By doing so, we can maximize our potential, even when we’re operating at 60% of our capabilities.

In conclusion, looking, walking, and speaking like a champion is a crucial step towards becoming one. It not only affects our opponents but also influences our own thoughts and inspires our teammates. So, no matter the circumstances, let’s remember to maintain a confident and positive demeanor on and off the court.


Q: Why is it important to maintain a confident demeanor in a volleyball match?
A: Maintaining a confident demeanor can frustrate opponents, inspire teammates, and positively influence our own thoughts, ultimately impacting the outcome of the game or match.

Q: How can body language affect the performance of a volleyball player?
A: Body language can infect teammates either positively or negatively. By carrying oneself with confidence, one can inspire and motivate the team, leading to better performance on the court.

Q: What should we do on off days when our performance is not at its best?
A: It’s crucial to maintain a positive mindset and avoid negative thoughts and body language. By doing so, we can maximize our potential even when operating at a lower level.


In a volleyball match, our appearance and body language can have a significant impact on both our opponents and teammates. Maintaining a confident and composed demeanor, even in challenging situations, can frustrate opponents and inspire teammates. Studies have shown that projecting a positive image can positively influence our thoughts. Additionally, by carrying ourselves like champions, we can maximize our potential and achieve better outcomes. Let’s remember that confidence and positivity are essential ingredients for success on the court. To become a champion, we must look, walk, and speak like one.

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