Thursday, 23 May 2024

2024 Boys Junior National Championship (BJNC)

The 2024 Boys Junior National Championship (BJNC) is an exciting event that showcases the best young volleyball talent in the country. In order to participate in this prestigious tournament, teams must meet certain criteria and go through the proper registration process.

How to Qualify for an At-Large Bid

To be considered for an at-large bid to the BJNC, teams must enter the event as an Open or USA team through the approved USAV online registration system. It is important to submit complete and accurate results by all posted deadlines. If there are no results available, teams can provide a letter of explanation to the USAV Events Department along with the reasons why they should be considered for an at-large bid.

Selection Criteria for At-Large Bids

The teams awarded at-large bids are selected by the BCC (Boys’ Club Commission) with final approval from the USAV Events Department. The following criteria are taken into consideration during the selection process:

  1. Must have competed in at least one bid tournament in the Open or USA division.
  2. Register the team in the desired At-Large division for the BJNC in AES and send payment and the entry form by the posted deadline.
  3. Strength of the team.
  4. Record against qualified teams.
  5. Record against At-Large applicants.
  6. Past year’s BJNC finish of the rostered players.
  7. Date of entry.
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It’s important to note that teams awarded an at-large bid have three business days to accept or decline the bid. If a team declines, the bid will be passed on to the next team in the rank order.

Hawaii and Puerto Rico Bids

In the Open Division(s), Hawaii and Puerto Rico are given one bid for the 14s-18s & underage divisions. These bids are awarded to teams in each age division by any means they deem appropriate, such as a tournament or an application process. Any other team wishing to receive a bid for the 14 or 15 & under age divisions must attend a bid tournament and apply for an At-Large bid if necessary. It’s important to note that if Hawaii or Puerto Rico choose to award the bids via bid tournament, that tournament is not considered a sanctioned USAV bid tournament.

Announcement of At-Large Bids

The teams being awarded the BJNC At-Large Bids will be announced by the USAV Events Department no later than the second Tuesday after the last NQ (National Qualifier). Teams awarded an at-large bid will be notified by email, sent to the coach and club director at the email addresses provided during the BJNC’s event registration system.


Q: How can my team qualify for an at-large bid?
A: To qualify for an at-large bid, your team must enter the BJNC as an Open or USA team through the approved USAV online registration system and submit complete and accurate results by the specified deadlines.

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Q: What criteria are used to select teams for at-large bids?
A: The BCC and USAV Events Department consider several factors, including the team’s performance in bid tournaments, strength, record against qualified teams, record against at-large applicants, past year’s BJNC finish of rostered players, and date of entry.

Q: How will I know if my team has been awarded an at-large bid?
A: The USAV Events Department will announce the teams awarded the BJNC At-Large Bids via email to the coach and club director.


Participating in the 2024 Boys Junior National Championship is a great opportunity for young volleyball players to showcase their skills and compete against the best in the country. By following the proper registration process and meeting the qualifying criteria, teams have a chance to earn an at-large bid and be part of this exciting event. Good luck to all teams! For more information about the BJNC, visit Alpinetgheep.