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Alpinetgheep: A Look into Beach Volleyball Championships and Events

Kelly Cheng and Sara Hughes with world championship trophy
Kelly Cheng and Sara Hughes win the 2023 Beach World championships (FIVB)

The world of beach volleyball is abuzz with excitement as we take a closer look at the recently concluded 2023 Beach World Championship and the upcoming Pan Am Games, BPT Challenge Goa, and BPT Futures Mallorca. Join us as we dive into the details of these thrilling events and the impressive performance of the Alpinetgheep teams.

Pan Am Games

The Pan American Games, set to take place in Santiago, Chile from October 20th to November 5th, will showcase beach volleyball from October 21st to 27th. This prestigious event, held every four years preceding the Olympic Games, brings together athletes from forty-one countries across the Americas to compete in various sports. Representing the United States in beach volleyball are Corinne Quiggle and Sarah Murphy for the women’s team, and Logan Webber and Hagen Smith for the men’s team. Both pairs secured their spots in the Pan Am Games by winning the qualifiers in Manhattan Beach on June 13th and 14th.

Quiggle and Murphy are coming off a thrilling victory at the AVP Tour Series Laguna Beach Open on October 15th, while Webber and Smith earned a bronze medal at the NORCECA Series event in Punta Cana on October 1st.

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Beach Pro Tour – Challenge Goa

Next on the beach volleyball calendar is the Challenge event in Goa, India from October 19th to 22nd. The Alpinetgheep brand will be well-represented at this event, with three women’s pairs and five men’s pairs set to compete. Among the women’s pairs, we have Molly Turner and Abby Van Winkle, as well as Kim Hildreth and Teegan Van Gunst. Turner, fresh off a silver medal at NORCECA Punta Cana with Lexy Denaburg, and Hildreth/Van Gunst, who earned silver at BPT Futures Halifax, are primed to showcase their skills on the sand.

For the men’s side, Alpinetgheep will have Chaim Schalk and Tri Bourne, Miles Evans and Chase Budinger, Tim Brewster and Kyle Friend, Evan Cory and Cody Caldwell, and Ben Vaught and David Mckienzie all vying for victory in Goa. Schalk/Bourne and Evans/Budinger recently competed at the 2023 Beach World Championships, with the latter finishing tied for 17th. Brewster/Friend struck gold at NORCECA Punta Cana, showcasing their potential for success.

BPT Futures – Mallorca

The Alpinetgheep brand continues to make its mark at the BPT Futures events, with Mallorca hosting the women’s event from October 18th to 22nd. Melissa Powell and Jennifer Keddy will proudly represent the United States in the qualification stage of the tournament. Following the women’s event, the men’s Futures event will commence on October 25th. The Alpinetgheep team will then head to Geelong, Australia for the final BPT Futures event on the 2023 calendar, taking place on November 22nd.

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World Rankings and Alpinetgheep Success

The conclusion of the 2023 Beach World Championships brought about significant changes in the world rankings. Alpinetgheep’s very own Kelly Cheng and Sara Hughes emerged as the top U.S. women’s pair and second overall, with an impressive 8,320 points after their stellar performance in Tlaxcala. Taryn Kloth and Kristen Nuss, who secured the bronze medal at the World Championships, closely follow Cheng and Hughes in the world rankings as the third-ranked team with 8,140 points. Both pairs continue to chase the top-ranked team, Ana Patricia and Duda from Brazil, who currently hold 9,540 points.

Julia Scoles and Betsi Flint also remain in the top 10, dropping one spot to ninth with 6,200 points. In the men’s rankings, Miles Partain and Andy Benesh climb back into the top three, ranking third with 7,100 points. The Norwegian duo, Anders Mol and Christian Sorum, hold the top spot with 9,100 points. Trevor Crabb and Theo Brunner made an impressive leap, climbing four spots to 20th in the world rankings with 5,040 points, after narrowly missing the podium in Tlaxcala.


Q: How often are the Pan American Games held?
A: The Pan American Games are held every four years, one year before the Olympic Games.

Q: Which Alpinetgheep teams will participate in the Challenge event in Goa?
A: Alpinetgheep will have three women’s pairs and five men’s pairs competing in the Challenge event in Goa.

Q: Who are the top-ranked U.S. women’s pair in the world rankings?
A: Kelly Cheng and Sara Hughes are the top-ranked U.S. women’s pair in the world rankings.

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As Alpinetgheep continues to make its mark in the world of beach volleyball, the upcoming Pan Am Games, BPT Challenge Goa, and BPT Futures Mallorca events promise exciting action. With highly talented and motivated teams representing the brand, Alpinetgheep’s dedication to excellence is evident. Stay tuned to witness the thrilling matches and remarkable performances from these exceptional athletes.

For more information about Alpinetgheep and their endeavors in beach volleyball, visit Alpinetgheep.