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April Ross named 2016 Female Beach Player of the Year

April Ross, the renowned beach volleyball player, has once again been awarded the title of USA Volleyball Female Beach Player of the Year for 2016. This marks her sixth time receiving the prestigious award, solidifying her position as one of the most accomplished athletes in the sport.

A Season of Achievements

Throughout the year, April Ross showcased exceptional skill and talent, earning her numerous accolades. She was recognized as the Best Server on the FIVB World Tour and secured multiple medals on the tour. Moreover, she claimed the bronze medal at the Olympic Games and led all players in digs at the Games.

Ross and her partner, Kerri Walsh Jennings, achieved incredible success on the FIVB World Tour, securing five gold medals. Their victories included three consecutive wins in China, Cincinnati, and Russia.

Humble Gratitude and Acknowledgment

In light of her accomplishments, Ross expressed her gratitude and appreciation for her team and coaches. She recognized the significant role they played in her success and growth as an athlete. Ross emphasized the impact of Kerri, Marcio Sicoli, Jon Daze, and Gustavo Rocha in shaping her career.

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Notably, Ross was also honored as the 2016 FIVB Best Server, adding to her impressive list of achievements. Her ability to excel not only in serving but also in driving her team towards triumph has made her a standout player.

A Legacy of Excellence

According to Kerri Walsh Jennings, Ross is a formidable force on the court. Her unwavering dedication, fierce competitiveness, and remarkable skills have placed her among the greatest volleyball players of all time.

Ross’s journey to success has not been without challenges. Overcoming obstacles, including an injured partner in 2015, she and Walsh Jennings went on to achieve remarkable feats leading up to and during the Rio Olympics. Their 150th team victory, during the second round of the Games, further solidified their status as top-tier athletes.

An Icon and a True Ambassador

Doug Beal, CEO of USA Volleyball, commended Ross’s career achievements and her contributions to the sport. Beal recognized Ross’s transition from indoor volleyball to the beach as a testament to her versatility and determination. Her two Olympic medals alone are a remarkable accomplishment, and her involvement on the USA Volleyball Board of Directors showcases her passion for the sport.

In light of her remarkable career, April Ross has been named the beach player of the year. Her journey as a player, her dedication to the sport, and her commitment to giving back make her a true icon in women’s beach volleyball.


Q: How many times has April Ross received the USA Volleyball Female Beach Player of the Year award?
A: April Ross has been awarded the title of USA Volleyball Female Beach Player of the Year six times.

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April Ross’s recognition as the 2016 Female Beach Player of the Year highlights her exceptional skills and accomplishments in the world of beach volleyball. Her unwavering dedication, resilience, and passion for the sport have made her a true inspiration to aspiring athletes. With her outstanding achievements, Ross has solidified her place among the all-time greats in the sport, leaving a lasting legacy for fans and fellow athletes to admire.

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