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U.S. Women’s Volleyball Stars Achieving Success in Pro Leagues

Members of the U.S. Women’s National Team have been making waves in professional volleyball leagues around the world. Let’s take a look at their recent achievements:

Eczacibasi and the Hunt for European Champions League Title

U.S. Women’s National Team players have been instrumental in Eczacibasi’s quest for the prestigious European Champions League title. Led by captain Jordan Larson, alongside middle Lauren Gibbemeyer, Eczacibasi has showcased their skills on the court. Although the team narrowly missed out on the semifinals, they put up a valiant effort against tough opponents. In the Turkish Cup, however, Eczacibasi emerged as the champions, with Larson playing a crucial role in their victory.

VakifBank’s Dominance in Turkish League and Champions League

Kelsey Robinson has been making her mark with VakifBank in both the Turkish League and the European Champions League. VakifBank has been a force to be reckoned with, securing victories and advancing to the semifinals of the Champions League. Robinson’s impressive performances have not gone unnoticed, as she continues to contribute significantly to her team’s success.

The American Contingent at Beylikduzu

Annie Drews, Simone Lee, and Kelly Hunter have been showcasing their talent with Beylikduzu in the Turkish League. As the team gears up for the home-and-home quarterfinals against Eczacibasi, they are determined to make their mark in the playoffs.

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Other Noteworthy Performances

Several other U.S. Women’s National Team players have been making waves in European leagues. Kim Hill and Karsta Lowe have been playing for Imoco Volley Conegliano in the Italian Serie A1 and have cemented their team’s place in the Champions League semifinals. Michelle Bartsch-Hackley and Lauren Carlini have been instrumental in Igor Gorgonzola Novara’s historic journey to the Champions League semifinals.

As these talented athletes continue to excel in their respective leagues, they serve as an inspiration to aspiring volleyball players around the world.


Q: Who are some of the standout U.S. players in European leagues?
A: Some standout U.S. players in European leagues include Jordan Larson, Lauren Gibbemeyer, Kelsey Robinson, Annie Drews, Simone Lee, Kim Hill, Karsta Lowe, Michelle Bartsch-Hackley, and Lauren Carlini.

Q: What are the recent achievements of U.S. players in professional volleyball?
A: U.S. players have been successful in various aspects of professional volleyball, such as winning Turkish League titles, reaching the Champions League semifinals, and securing victories in domestic cups.

Q: Where can I watch videos and vlogs related to these players?
A: For more insights into the lives of these athletes, you can check out their personal websites and social media accounts, where they share vlogs and other engaging content.


U.S. Women’s National Team members have been leaving their mark on the international volleyball stage. From their successes in the Turkish League to their achievements in the European Champions League, these athletes continue to elevate the sport and inspire fans worldwide. With their unwavering dedication and exceptional skills, these players are sure to leave an indelible legacy in the world of volleyball.

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