Thursday, 23 May 2024

Four Tips to Enhance Footwork and Speed in Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is a game that demands impeccable footwork and speed. Top athletes like Emily Day, Lauren Fendrick, Casey Patterson, and April Ross have shared their tips on how to improve these crucial skills. In this article, we will explore their insights and strategies to help you enhance your performance on the sand.

Emily Day’s Approach

Emily Day emphasizes the significance of footwork patterns in her training routine. Even without a ball, she practices visualizing it and uses footwork to position herself correctly. By incorporating footwork exercises into her warm-up, Day ensures that it becomes second nature during drills and competitions. Additionally, she complements her footwork with speed-focused exercises like resisted sprints, shuffles with a TheraBand, and ladder work.

Lauren Fendrick’s Advice

Lauren Fendrick believes that training at a faster pace is the key to improving speed. During practice, she performs footwork exercises without the ball at a speed exceeding that of a game. Defensive series drills help her integrate ball control, speed, and footwork. Fendrick advises caution, emphasizing the importance of mastering proper technique before adding speed to the equation.

Casey Patterson’s Tips

Casey Patterson’s primary suggestion is to spend more time in the sand. Running, jumping, and sprinting on the beach will acclimate your body to its unique demands. Building specific strength in your entire body is essential for the game, as you constantly shift and lean to make plays on the ball. Patterson recommends the following exercises:

  1. Star drill: Start in the middle of the court, then sprint to six spots around the edge and back to the middle. This drill enhances foot speed and coordination.
  2. Keep moving: Focus on playing through the ball with continuous foot movement, rather than reaching for it. This approach allows for more controlled and successful plays.
  3. Adapt indoor drills: Incorporate foot speed drills from indoor volleyball, such as karaoke, into your beach training routine. The sand’s unique properties will engage different muscles, enhancing your speed.
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April Ross’s Perspective

April Ross suggests embracing the sand as the ultimate training ground. The unpredictable nature of sand makes it a challenging surface to replicate elsewhere. Ross advises breaking down specific movements and practicing them extensively without a ball. To intensify the workout, she recommends wearing a weight vest, which creates a lighter and faster sensation when it is removed. Adding cones and incorporating changes in direction during sprinting drills can also enhance speed and footwork.


Q: How can I improve my footwork in beach volleyball?
A: To enhance footwork, practice visualizing the ball and use footwork patterns to position yourself correctly. Additionally, incorporate footwork exercises into your warm-up routine.

Q: How can I increase my speed in beach volleyball?
A: Train at a faster pace by performing footwork exercises without the ball at a speed higher than that of a game. Additionally, focus on continuous foot movement and play through the ball.


Enhancing footwork and speed are crucial for success in beach volleyball. Incorporating visualization, footwork patterns, and speed-focused exercises can greatly improve performance. Spending more time on the sand and adapting indoor drills to the beach environment are also effective strategies. By following the advice of top athletes like Emily Day, Lauren Fendrick, Casey Patterson, and April Ross, you can take your footwork and speed to the next level. Visit for more valuable insights and tips to elevate your beach volleyball game.