Tuesday, 28 May 2024

Creating a Low Cost Volleyball

Are you looking for a low-cost volleyball option for young kids? Look no further! In this article, we will explore different strategies and materials to create an affordable ball for kids to enjoy.

The History of the Balloon Ball

About 20 years ago, a “balloon ball” concept was introduced – a fabric shell resembling a plastic beach ball. The fabric shell, made from nylon or cloth, can be easily inflated with a balloon, providing a cost-effective option for kids to play with. This idea gained popularity, and Molten even developed their “First Touch” ball based on this concept, with improved stitching and a real valve.

The Benefits of the Balloon Ball

The balloon ball offers several advantages. Firstly, it is a budget-friendly option, making it accessible to every player. Additionally, the lighter weight of the nylon shell ensures a slower ball, allowing younger kids to track and move to it more easily. The balloon inside the fabric shell provides cushioning, eliminating any pain on contact.

Exploring New Materials

While the fabric shell version offers protection, there is a need for low-cost, printed balloons to further promote the game. Unfortunately, finding a balloon made from nitrile, suitable for schools with latex allergies, has proven challenging. However, alternatives such as punch ball thickness options or adding duct or masking tape to the balloon can help slow it down and make it more durable.

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A Creative Approach

Another creative option is to create an oversized beach ball with the core skills and rules of the game printed on each panel. This could serve as an engaging giveaway for fast-food companies, encouraging kids to actively play with sports “balls” instead of disposable plastic toys.

Join the Movement

Are you passionate about making volleyball accessible to all kids? Let’s collaborate and find innovative solutions to create low-cost volleyballs. Together, we can introduce the joy of volleyball to children everywhere.


Q: How can I create a low-cost volleyball for kids?
A: There are various options available. One popular choice is the balloon ball, which involves a fabric shell inflated with a balloon. You can also explore alternatives like punch ball thickness or using tape to modify the weight and speed of the balloon.

Q: Can I find nitrile balloons for children with latex allergies?
A: Unfortunately, finding low-cost nitrile balloons has proven challenging. However, the fabric shell version provides protection against contact with the balloon, making it a suitable option for kids with allergies.

Q: Are there any creative giveaway ideas for promoting volleyball?
A: One exciting idea is an oversized beach ball with the core skills and rules of the game printed on each panel. This can serve as a fun and educational giveaway, encouraging kids to engage in volleyball.


Creating a low-cost volleyball for kids is a worthy endeavor that promotes inclusivity and accessibility. The balloon ball, with its fabric shell and inflatable balloon, offers a cost-effective solution that allows kids to enjoy the game without breaking the bank. Additionally, exploring alternative materials and creative giveaway ideas can further enhance the playing experience for young volleyball enthusiasts. Let’s join forces to make volleyball accessible to all children and spread the joy of the game. To learn more about creating affordable volleyballs and participate in this movement, visit our website at Alpinetgheep.com.

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