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Dalhausser and Lucena Secure Spot in World Tour Finals Semifinals


Phil Dalhausser and Nick Lucena, the dynamic duo of beach volleyball, are making waves at the FIVB World Tour Finals. With a stunning quarterfinal victory, they have secured their spot in the semifinals. Excitement is building as they inch closer to a podium finish in this prestigious event.

A Grueling Battle for Success

Dalhausser and Lucena have been dominating the competition at the World Tour Finals. They displayed their strength and determination in a thrilling match against Canada’s Ben Saxton and Chaim Schalk. The American duo triumphed with scores of 21-23, 25-23, 15-12, showcasing their skill and resilience.

“We’ve been in the game for a long time, and we knew that anything could happen,” said Dalhausser. “We had a bit of luck on our side, and we managed to come out on top. Saxton and Schalk are strong opponents, but we proved that we can win against anyone on any given day.”

This victory extends Dalhausser and Lucena’s impressive record against Saxton and Schalk to 4-1. They have consistently outperformed their Canadian rivals, demonstrating the depth of their expertise and experience on the court.

The Road to Success Continues

After a day of rest following their pool victory, Dalhausser and Lucena are now preparing for their semifinal match against Piotr Kantor and Bartosz Losiak of Poland. The American team has a slight advantage, leading the series 3-2 against their upcoming opponents. Their previous encounters have resulted in victory, and they aim to maintain their winning streak.

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If they emerge victorious in the semifinals, Dalhausser and Lucena will face either Brazil or Italy for a shot at the gold or bronze medal. The stage is set for an intense battle, and the American duo is eager to showcase their skills and secure their place on the podium.


Q: How have Dalhausser and Lucena performed throughout the World Tour Finals?

A: Dalhausser and Lucena have been exceptional in this tournament, winning their matches with determination and skill.

Q: Who will be their opponents in the semifinals?

A: They will be facing Piotr Kantor and Bartosz Losiak of Poland in the semifinals.

Q: What is their record against Kantor and Losiak?

A: Dalhausser and Lucena currently have a 3-2 edge in their head-to-head record against Kantor and Losiak.

Q: What are their chances of winning a medal in the World Tour Finals?

A: With their impressive performance so far, Dalhausser and Lucena have great potential to secure a podium finish in the tournament.


Dalhausser and Lucena’s journey at the FIVB World Tour Finals has been nothing short of remarkable. They have overcome tough opponents and displayed incredible teamwork and skill on the sand. As they head into the semifinals, the American duo is determined to leave their mark on the tournament and bring home a medal for their country. Stay tuned to witness their thrilling quest for victory!

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