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U.S. Men’s Successful Start at Pan American Cup

U.S. Men's Volleyball

The U.S. Men’s Pan American Cup Team commenced their campaign with an impressive victory, defeating Guatemala with a dominating scoreline of 25-10, 25-17, 25-17. This exciting match took place in Colima, Mexico, on June 16, 2019.

Strong Performance on the Court

The United States team, currently boasting a 1-0 record, showcased their skills and teamwork against Guatemala. U.S. opposite player, James Shaw, expressed satisfaction with the team’s performance, stating, “It’s good to start out with a good win.” He also acknowledged that there is still room for improvement, particularly in their serving and passing, which were exceptional in the first set. The team aims to maintain their high level of play throughout the tournament.

Dominating Statistics

The U.S. Men’s team outperformed Guatemala in various statistical categories. They recorded 39 kills compared to Guatemala’s 17, demonstrating their dominance in attacking. Additionally, the U.S. players showcased their defensive prowess with 11 blocks while also securing five aces.

Efficient Hitting and Stellar Scorers

The U.S. Men’s team exhibited exceptional hitting efficiency with a .500 percentage. Setters Josh Tuaniga, Joe Worsley, and Jonah Seif played crucial roles in orchestrating the team’s offense, contributing to their impressive hitting statistics.

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Outside hitters Colton Cowell and Sam Holt stood out as the highest scorers for the team, both accumulating nine points. Cowell showcased his versatility with seven kills and two aces, while Holt made an impact with five kills, two blocks, and two aces. James Shaw also made a significant contribution to the team’s success, adding eight points through his kills, blocks, and aces.

Strong Defensive Presence

Libero Kyle Dagostino demonstrated his prowess in the backcourt, credited with seven digs. The team’s strong defensive play complemented their dominating offensive performance.

Coach’s Perspective

U.S. Head Coach Milan Zarkovic acknowledged the team’s victory but highlighted the areas that need improvement. He stated, “We can do much better because in some parts of the game, we were giving away more points than they were earning.” Zarkovic’s focus on continuous improvement reflects the team’s commitment to their goal of winning the Pan American Cup.

Next Match: USA vs. Chile

The U.S. Men’s team’s next challenge awaits against Chile on Monday at 2 p.m. PT. The team is eager to continue their winning momentum and showcase their skills in this highly anticipated matchup.


1. What is the Pan American Cup?

The Pan American Cup is a prestigious international volleyball tournament featuring teams from North, Central, and South America. It provides an opportunity for teams to compete at a high level and showcase their talent.

2. Who is the head coach of the U.S. Men’s team?

Milan Zarkovic serves as the head coach of the U.S. Men’s team. Under his guidance, the team aims to achieve success and elevate their performance on the international stage.

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3. How can I stay updated on the U.S. Men’s team’s progress in the Pan American Cup?

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The U.S. Men’s Pan American Cup Team made an impressive start to the tournament with a dominant victory over Guatemala. Their strong performance in both offense and defense sets the stage for an exciting journey ahead. As the team prepares to face Chile in their next match, they remain focused on their goal of winning the prestigious Pan American Cup title. Stay tuned for more thrilling action from the U.S. Men’s team as they strive for success on the international stage.