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Beach Update: A Look Ahead at 2016

The world of beach volleyball is buzzing with news and updates for the upcoming 2016 season. From ticket sales to venue adjustments, there is a lot to look forward to. Let’s dive into the details and get you up to speed on all the exciting developments.

Rio de Janeiro and Beyond

News has emerged from Rio de Janeiro regarding the sale of beach volleyball tickets and changes to the iconic Copacabana venue. Additionally, there is a new addition to the FIVB World Tour, with a location in the United States joining the mix. This is certainly an exciting time for beach volleyball enthusiasts around the world.

American Teams Preparing for the World Tour

American beach volleyball teams are currently in their final month of training and rehabilitation ahead of the World Tour’s start date in February. With three teams in both the men’s and women’s rankings, the competition for an Olympic bid is fierce. The provisional Olympic rankings will determine which teams secure a quota spot for their country, adding an extra layer of intensity to the upcoming season.

World Tour Schedule Update

The 2016 World Tour schedule has some notable updates, including the addition of a second U.S. city to the lineup. Cincinnati will host its first FIVB event at the Lindner Family Tennis Center in May. This new addition is sure to please U.S. fans who are eager to support their favorite teams.

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The Road to the Olympics

As the June 13 Olympic rankings cutoff approaches, the Hamburg Grand Slam will play a crucial role in determining the teams that will compete in the 2016 Olympic Games. The top 15 teams in each gender category will secure a spot, with Brazil already earning two quotas as the host country and 2015 Beach World Championships winners. Teams that do not secure two quotas by this date will have two more chances through Continental Cup play.

Key Dates to Watch

With less than 200 days until the start of the 2016 Olympics, there are several important dates to keep in mind. Beach and indoor volleyball tickets will go on sale on January 22. In April, the Olympic flame will be lit in Olympia, Greece, marking the official start of the Olympic countdown. The opening of the Olympic Village on July 24 and the lighting of the Olympic cauldron on August 5 will mark the beginning of the highly anticipated games.

Changes to the Copacabana Venue

Organizers have made adjustments to the seating capacity at the Copacabana beach volleyball venue in an effort to keep the Games within budget. While there have been conflicting reports regarding the exact changes, it is clear that the location’s popularity and breathtaking view of Copacabana beach make it one of the most sought-after tickets for the Olympics.

USA Volleyball Beach Assembly Meeting

USA Volleyball will be hosting its annual Beach Assembly meeting on January 29. This gathering will provide an opportunity for the beach volleyball community to come together and share important information in an inclusive and open atmosphere. If you’re in the area, be sure to mark your calendars and join in on the discussion.

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Upcoming Events

The upcoming months are packed with exciting events on the FIVB World Tour. From the Kish Island Open in Iran to the Doha Open in Qatar, there will be plenty of beach volleyball action to follow and enjoy. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates and mark your calendars with these thrilling events.


Q: Where can I buy beach volleyball tickets for the 2016 Olympics?

A: Beach volleyball tickets for the 2016 Olympics are available for purchase through official channels. Stay updated on the latest ticketing information to secure your spot at this highly anticipated event.

Q: How many teams will qualify for the 2016 Olympics?

A: A total of 24 teams in each gender category will compete in the 2016 Olympics. The top 15 teams from the Olympic rankings will earn a spot, with Brazil already securing two quotas as the host country and 2015 Beach World Championships winners.

Q: What is the significance of the Hamburg Grand Slam in relation to the Olympics?

A: The Hamburg Grand Slam is the final event before the Olympic rankings cutoff on June 13. This tournament will determine the last 15 spots for each gender category, adding to the excitement and anticipation leading up to the Olympic Games.


With the 2016 beach volleyball season just around the corner, there is a lot to look forward to. From ticket sales and venue adjustments to the intense competition for Olympic bids, the stage is set for an exhilarating year of beach volleyball action. Stay tuned for more updates and make sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming events. It’s time to get ready for a thrilling season of sun, sand, and spikes.

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