Wednesday, 29 May 2024

USA Volleyball Celebrates Legends Kathy DeBoer and Carl McGown at 2024 Hall of Fame Event

USA Volleyball is gearing up to honor some of the most influential figures in the sport at its highly anticipated 2024 Hall of Fame annual banquet and ceremony. Set to take place on May 22 at the Hilton Polaris in Columbus, Ohio, this event will recognize exceptional athletes, coaches, officials, and leaders who have made a significant impact on the game.

Celebrating Lifetime Achievement

Among the esteemed honorees at the event will be Kathy DeBoer and the late Carl McGown, both of whom will receive the prestigious Harold T. Friermood “Frier” Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is the highest honor bestowed by USA Volleyball and is a testament to the incredible contributions these individuals have made to the sport.

DeBoer and McGown will join the ranks of the 55 previous honorees who have left an indelible mark on the volleyball community. This event serves as a fitting tribute to their remarkable careers and lasting legacies.

An Evening of Celebration and Support

The Hall of Fame ceremony will take place just one day before the start of the 2024 USA Volleyball Open National Championship at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. This championship event brings together top-level talent from across the nation and promises to be an exciting showcase of the sport.

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Proceeds from the banquet and ceremony will go to the USA Volleyball Foundation, which provides crucial funding to support the Olympic and Paralympic dreams of athletes in USA Volleyball’s national team programs. By attending the event or exploring sponsorship opportunities, you can directly contribute to the success and development of these talented athletes.

To secure your tickets or find out more about sponsorship opportunities, visit the official website of the 2024 USA Volleyball Hall of Fame.

Recognizing Excellence in Leadership

Kathy DeBoer retired as the executive director of the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) on June 30, 2023, after an illustrious 17-year tenure. During her time at the helm, the AVCA achieved remarkable milestones, including:

  • Creating partnerships with all 35 regions of USA Volleyball, fostering collaboration and growth at the grassroots level.
  • Providing a $150,000 grant to the First Point Volleyball Foundation, which played a pivotal role in expanding men’s college and high school boys volleyball programs. Thanks to these efforts, the number of college varsity programs has increased from 166 to 264.
  • Pioneering the addition of beach volleyball to the NCAA Emerging Sports list for women. This landmark decision eventually led to beach volleyball becoming an NCAA championship sport in 2016.

In recognition of her invaluable contributions, DeBoer received the esteemed USA Volleyball George J. Fisher Leader in Volleyball Award in 2015. Her passion and dedication have left an enduring impact on the sport.

Remembering a Coaching Legend

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Before his passing in 2016 at the age of 79, Carl McGown enjoyed a remarkable career as a coach, leader, and mentor within the U.S. Men’s National Volleyball Team program. For over three decades, McGown’s guidance and expertise shaped the trajectory of the national team.

McGown also served as the head coach for the men’s volleyball team at BYU for 13 years. During his tenure, he led the Cougars to NCAA National Championships in both 1999 and 2001, cementing his status as one of the sport’s most respected figures.

In recognition of his profound influence on the U.S. National Team and BYU volleyball programs, USA Volleyball awarded McGown the James E. Coleman National Team Award in 2014. Additionally, he received the prestigious Donald S. Shondell All-Time Great Coach Award in 2000 and the George J. Fisher Leader in Volleyball Award in 1988.

A Glimpse into the Future

USA Volleyball will soon announce additional award winners for 2024, including All-Time Great athletes and coaches. These outstanding individuals will join the ranks of the legendary figures who have shaped the sport and inspired generations to come.

As the volleyball community eagerly anticipates this remarkable event, it serves as a testament to the enduring impact that these remarkable individuals have made on the world of volleyball. Join us in celebrating their accomplishments and supporting the future of the sport at the 2024 USA Volleyball Hall of Fame.