Wednesday, 29 May 2024

USAV Regions to Present All-Star Championships in Florida

The regions of USA Volleyball are excited to introduce the USA All-Star Championships, an exclusive volleyball event showcasing regional all-star teams. This highly anticipated event will take place from July 21-25 in Orlando, Florida, replacing the originally scheduled USA Volleyball High Performance Championship in Phoenix, Arizona.

Hosted by the Florida Region of USA Volleyball at the prestigious Orange County Convention Center, the inaugural USA All-Star Championships will feature all-star teams from numerous regions of USA Volleyball. With six women’s/girls divisions and three boys divisions, this event promises to deliver top-notch competition.

Mark Tester, the Executive Director of the Orange County Convention Center, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The OCCC is thrilled to welcome and support this USA Volleyball-sanctioned all-star event along with its athletes, coaches, and fans to our safe and healthy venue in Orlando. Volleyball continues to be a significant driver in Central Florida’s economic recovery, and we are pleased that Orlando was selected as the host city for the upcoming USA All-Star Championships in July!”

Despite the unfortunate cancellation of the High Performance Championship on May 6, the regions have been diligently working to secure convention center space and court rentals. Committees have been formed to finalize various aspects of the event, including international and high-level officials, training opportunities, collegiate coaches and recruiting opportunities, as well as vendors such as AES, BallerTV, University Athlete, NeuroFuel, GymRats, and Team Travel Source, among others.

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Steve Bishop, the president of the Florida Region and this year’s event host, praised the collective effort of the regions, stating, “This is an important annual event, and the speed at which it was formed is a testament to the collective talent and creativity of the 40 regions of USA Volleyball. On behalf of our Florida Region members, we’re honored to host this inaugural event, and we look forward to welcoming the regional all-star delegations, fans, top officials, and college recruiters to Orlando later this summer for an event to remember.”

The ability to adapt and make the best of challenging situations shines through the collaborative efforts of the regions. With decades of experience in organizing high-quality events, they are determined to ensure that this event exceeds all expectations. More details will be announced soon, and interested individuals can find information on the USAV Regions website.

For specific questions regarding regional participation in the 2021 All-Star Championships, please reach out to your respective region.


Q: What is the USA All-Star Championships?
A: The USA All-Star Championships is an elite volleyball event that brings together regional all-star teams from USA Volleyball. It showcases top-notch talent and fierce competition.

Q: When and where will the USA All-Star Championships take place?
A: The event will be held from July 21-25 in Orlando, Florida. The prestigious Orange County Convention Center will serve as the venue.

Q: How many divisions will be featured in the USA All-Star Championships?
A: The USA All-Star Championships will have six women’s/girls divisions and three boys divisions, catering to a wide range of participants.

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Q: How did the regions manage to organize this event after the cancellation of the High Performance Championship?
A: The regions were quick to secure convention center space and court rentals. They have formed committees to handle various aspects, such as officials, training opportunities, and vendor partnerships, to ensure a successful event.

Q: What can participants and attendees expect from the USA All-Star Championships?
A: The USA All-Star Championships promises to deliver a memorable experience, showcasing exceptional talent, providing opportunities for college recruiting, and offering a platform for athletes to shine.


The USA All-Star Championships is set to take the volleyball world by storm, replacing the canceled High Performance Championship. This prestigious event will bring together regional all-star teams in Orlando, Florida, from July 21-25. The Orange County Convention Center will provide the perfect backdrop for intense competition in six women’s/girls divisions and three boys divisions. The regions have demonstrated remarkable resilience and dedication in organizing this event, despite the challenges they faced. With a strong focus on creating a safe and memorable experience, the USA All-Star Championships is poised to become a highlight in the world of volleyball. Don’t miss out on the chance to witness the best of the best in action. For more information, visit the USAV Regions website and mark your calendars for this thrilling event.