Wednesday, 29 May 2024

U.S. Women Triumph over Mexico at Pan Am Cup

The U.S. Women’s Pan American Cup Team kicked off the tournament with an impressive 3-1 victory against Mexico in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The U.S. Women showed their resilience and determination, overcoming a tough challenge from Mexico to secure the win.

A Hard-Fought Battle

In an intense match, the U.S. Women showcased their skills and teamwork to secure a hard-fought victory. The fourth set was particularly thrilling, with Mexico holding a 21-18 lead. However, the U.S. Women refused to back down and tied the score at 21-21 through a combination of Mexico errors and a well-executed roll shot from outside hitter Roni Jones-Perry.

Jones-Perry’s cross-court kill gave the U.S. Women a crucial 22-21 lead. Although the teams traded points, it was outside hitter Lindsay Stalzer who sealed the deal with a powerful kill, followed by a match-winning ace from middle blocker Ali Bastianelli. The U.S. Women demonstrated their dominance in blocks, leading 13-5, while Mexico had the advantage in kills (48-47) and aces (11-8). The U.S. capitalized on Mexico’s errors, scoring 33 points compared to their own 29.

Impressive Individual Performances

Roni Jones-Perry was the standout performer of the match, leading all scorers with an astounding 27 points. Her exceptional performance included 21 kills, four aces, and one block. Opposite hitter Danielle Cuttino also made a significant contribution with 18 points, comprising 14 kills and four blocks.

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Lindsay Stalzer delivered 11 points, showcasing her versatility with eight kills, two blocks, and one ace. Additionally, middle blocker Rachael Kramer scored seven points, including four kills, two blocks, and one ace. Ali Bastianelli’s impactful performance in the final moments of the match secured the victory, earning her five points through four blocks and a match-winning ace.

Team Effort and Strong Leadership

The success of the U.S. Women’s team can largely be attributed to their strong team dynamic and exceptional coaching. Head Coach Karch Kiraly expressed his pride in the team’s performance, highlighting their resilience and ability to work together. He emphasized the importance of continued improvement in the upcoming matches.

U.S. Women’s Pan American Cup Roster

The U.S. Women’s Pan American Cup team consists of talented individuals who have been selected based on their skill and dedication to the sport. The roster includes players such as Taylor Bruns, Alex Holston, Hana Lishman, Shelly Stafford, Symone Williams-Abbott, Elle Glock, Rachael Kramer, Lindsay Stalzer, Ali Bastianelli, Roni Jones-Perry, and Danielle Cuttino. Each player brings their unique strengths to the team, contributing to their success.


Q: What is the Pan American Cup?
The Pan American Cup is an international volleyball tournament that features teams from North, Central, and South America. It serves as a crucial stepping stone for teams aiming to qualify for major tournaments such as the Olympics.

Q: Where can I watch the U.S. Women’s Pan American Cup matches?
You can live stream the matches on the Alpinetgheep YouTube channel: Alpinetgheep.

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The U.S. Women’s Pan American Cup Team started their campaign on a high note with a well-deserved victory against Mexico. Their impressive performance showcased their skill, teamwork, and determination to succeed. As the tournament progresses, the team aims to build on their success and continue to impress. Stay tuned to witness the U.S. Women’s team’s incredible journey in the Pan American Cup.