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U.S. Collegiate Team Shows Remarkable Improvement Against Zhejiang

The U.S. Collegiate National Team – China faced off against Zhejiang, a professional team from the Chinese Volleyball League, in an exhilarating back-to-back match in Jiashan City. After a loss in the first match, the U.S. team bounced back with a commanding victory, winning in three sets on Friday, with scores of 25-12, 25-23, 25-9[^1^]. The team’s growth and improvement were clearly evident throughout the match, showcasing their determination and resilience.

Learning from Mistakes, Embracing Growth

On Thursday, the U.S. team struggled with errors, creating an uphill battle. A total of 34 errors, including service, reception, and attack errors, hindered their performance, leading to a loss in four sets[^1^]. However, head coach Chris Tamas acknowledged the valuable lessons learned from the match, emphasizing the importance of serving and passing in any level of volleyball[^1^].

The team took these lessons to heart and came back stronger in their second match against Zhejiang. Improved communication and execution resulted in a significant decrease in errors, dropping from 34 to 18[^1^]. This impressive turnaround demonstrated the team’s ability to analyze their weaknesses and make necessary adjustments to enhance their performance.

U.S. Collegiate Team vs. Zhejiang

Standout Performances

In both matches, several players showcased their skills and contributed to the team’s success. Stephanie Samedy from the University of Minnesota emerged as the leading scorer in the first match, with an impressive 15 points on 39 attacks[^1^]. Jenna Rosenthal from Marquette University also had a notable performance, displaying excellence at the net with 11 points, eight kills, and three blocks[^1^]. Their contributions were instrumental in keeping the team competitive and motivated.

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In the second match, the U.S. team’s 6-8 middles, Dana Rettke from the University of Wisconsin and Rachael Kramer from the University of Florida, took center stage. Rettke accumulated 10 points, while Kramer added nine, including five kills and four blocks. Their dominance on the block contributed to the U.S. team’s 13-2 advantage in blocking, while Kramer also showcased her serving prowess with three aces[^1^]. These exceptional performances propelled the team towards victory, highlighting their collective strength.

Exciting Schedule Ahead

The U.S. Collegiate National Team – China has an exciting schedule ahead, with upcoming matches against other professional teams in the Chinese Volleyball League. On May 29, they will face off against Beijing BAIC Motor in Beijing, followed by a match against Hebei on May 30[^1^]. These matches provide further opportunities for the team to demonstrate their skills and continue their development.


Q: What were the scores of the U.S. team’s matches against Shanghai Bright Ubest and Zhejiang Jiaxing Xitang?
A: The U.S. team won their match against Shanghai Bright Ubest with a score of 25-22, 17-25, 17-25, 25-20, 15-8. They lost their first match against Zhejiang Jiaxing Xitang with a score of 21-25, 25-18, 25-17, 25-21. However, they redeemed themselves in the second match against Zhejiang Jiaxing Xitang, winning with scores of 25-12, 25-23, 25-9[^1^].


The U.S. Collegiate National Team – China’s remarkable improvement and dedication were evident in their victory against Zhejiang. Despite initial setbacks, the team adapted and learned from their mistakes, showcasing their resilience and commitment to growth. With an impressive lineup of matches ahead, the team is poised to continue their success and solidify their position as a formidable force in the Chinese Volleyball League.

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Prior to the match, the team had the opportunity to explore the Ancient Village of Xitang alongside the Zhejiang team. This cultural excursion allowed the players to immerse themselves in the local culture and witness the beauty of everyday life in China[^1^].