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Bay to Bay 14s Speak Softly, Carry a Big Game

DALLAS, Texas (July 4, 2019) – Bay to Bay 14-1 demonstrated their winning formula at the USAV Boys Junior National Championships. This consistent team captured the 14 Open title at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, showcasing their skill and determination.

A core group of players has been together since their early years, proving that their chemistry and experience paid off. They have already achieved success in previous tournaments, earning bronze and two silver medals in the 12 and 13 Club Divisions.

In an impressive showdown, Bay to Bay faced off against Balboa Bay 14-1 and emerged victorious with a thrilling 19-25, 25-22, 15-8 win. Both Team Rockstar 14-1 and 949 B14 Black from the SCVA tied for third place.

The success of Bay to Bay can be attributed to the club’s focus on youth development, as explained by Head Coach Matthew Franksenstein. By introducing players to the gym at an early age, the club has nurtured their skills and reaped the rewards.

What sets Bay to Bay apart is their unique playing style. Described as “introverted” by Frankenstein, their calm and consistent game surprises opponents and throws them off balance. This approach has played a significant role in their success.

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Throughout the tournament, Bay to Bay remained undefeated, although they faced three challenging three-set matches leading up to the final. They also showcased their skills by competing against three talented Puerto Rican teams back-to-back.

Bay to Bay’s Jack Ebertin emphasized the team’s resilience and ability to uplift one another. Even when facing setbacks, they rallied together to overcome adversity. This unity and support are crucial to their success.

Frankenstein praised their opponents, Balboa Bay, who had previously defeated Bay to Bay in another competition. He commended their coaching staff for consistently producing exceptional teams. This victory marked Frankenstein’s first medal after coaching 14s for six years.

In the 14 Club division, Balboa Bay redeemed themselves with another triumph. Balboa Bay 13Blue secured victory against Triumph 14-Gold (NC) in a thrilling final, with a score of 27-25, 25-19. 303VBA 14 Mizuno (Rocky Mountain) and MKE Sting 14 Lightning (Badger) tied for third place.

Head Coach Eric Vallely acknowledged the incredible progress of Balboa Bay’s winning team. Starting the year with no experience in competitive volleyball, they worked tirelessly to learn the game from scratch. Their dedication and hard work paid off, leading them to victory.

Vallely also attributed part of the team’s success to their exposure to older teams during practice. By scrimmaging against more experienced opponents within their club, they created a high-level environment that pushed them to excel. This strategy of placing a younger team in an older division proved to be a winning formula.

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Throughout the eight-day tournament, featuring 57 courts, divisions started and finished on staggered dates. To qualify for the Open and USA Divisions, teams had to go through USA Volleyball bid tournaments or receive at-large selections based on their performance at bid tournaments.

For those interested in attending the future USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships, here is the schedule:

  • 18 Open, USA, and Club Divisions: June 30-July 3
  • 17 Open, USA, and Club Divisions: July 4-7
  • 16 Open, USA, and Club Divisions: July 2-5
  • 15 Open and Club Divisions: July 3-6
  • 14 Open and Club Divisions: July 1-4
  • 13 Club Division: July 5-7
  • 12 Club Division: June 30-July 2

It is worth mentioning that Sport Court is the official athletic flooring for all USA Volleyball national championship events.


Q: How did Bay to Bay 14-1 achieve success at the USAV Boys Junior National Championships?
A: Bay to Bay’s consistent performance, honed through years of playing together, contributed to their impressive win. Their commitment to youth development and early exposure to the gym played a significant role in their success.

Q: What sets Bay to Bay apart from other teams?
A: Bay to Bay’s unique playing style can be described as introverted. Their calm and consistent game surprises opponents, leading to successful outcomes. This distinct approach differentiates them from most 14-year-olds who display extroverted and loud game styles.

Q: How did Balboa Bay perform in the 14 Club division?
A: Balboa Bay redeemed themselves by securing victory in the 14 Club division. Balboa Bay 13Blue triumphed against Triumph 14-Gold (NC) in an intense final, showcasing their remarkable progress throughout the season.

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Bay to Bay 14-1 emerged victorious at the USAV Boys Junior National Championships, displaying consistency and youth development as the keys to their success. With a tight-knit team that has been together since a young age, they showcased their skills and determination to capture the 14 Open title. Their unique playing style, characterized by calmness and consistency, sets them apart from other teams and has been instrumental in their achievements. Balboa Bay also shone in the 14 Club division, with Balboa Bay 13Blue securing victory after a remarkable journey of growth. The tournament featured divisions starting and finishing on staggered dates, providing an exciting atmosphere for participants and spectators alike.