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U.S. Rally Falls Short in Match Against Argentina

When it comes to intense volleyball matches, the clash between the U.S. Men and Argentina never fails to disappoint. In 2015, the U.S. Men celebrated their victory over Argentina in the final match of the FIVB World Cup. However, the tables turned in the 2019 World Cup as Argentina emerged triumphant, defeating the U.S. Men in a thrilling five-set battle.

The U.S. Men showed incredible resilience by fighting back from a 0-2 deficit to force a fifth-set tiebreaker. At 8-8, Argentina’s Ezequiel Palacios delivered a powerful kill shot, followed by a U.S. hitting error. Matias Sanchez of Argentina sealed the deal with an ace, leading his team to victory.

In terms of statistics, Argentina outperformed the U.S. in kills (70-59) and aces (7-5), while both teams were evenly matched in blocks (7-7). The U.S. capitalized on Argentina’s errors, scoring 32 points, but also committed 21 errors themselves. Despite their effort, the U.S. Men fell short with a kill efficiency of 53.6 compared to Argentina’s 54.7.

Key players for the U.S. Men included outside hitter Aaron Russell, who contributed 18 points through kills and aces, and opposite player Matt Anderson, who added 15 points to the scoreboard. Middle blocker Jeff Jendryk also played a significant role, scoring 15 points with kills and blocks. Thomas Jaeschke, who joined the match in the second set, made a notable impact with 12 points.

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The match started off challenging for the U.S. Men, as Argentina’s quick and diverse offense, combined with their tough serving, put them in a difficult position. U.S. Head Coach John Speraw made strategic changes, including bringing in setter Josh Tuaniga, which helped turn the tide. Christenson’s return in the third set was pivotal, as the U.S. Men took a commanding 13-8 lead and ultimately secured the win.

Despite the loss, the U.S. Men have an opportunity to bounce back when they face Italy in their upcoming match. Fans can catch all the World Cup action on


Q: Who won the match between the U.S. Men and Argentina in the 2019 World Cup?
A: Argentina emerged victorious, defeating the U.S. Men in a five-set battle.

Q: What were the key statistics of the match?
A: Argentina had more kills and aces, while the U.S. Men had a slightly better block performance. Both teams had their share of errors.

Q: Which players stood out for the U.S. Men?
A: Aaron Russell, Matt Anderson, and Jeff Jendryk made significant contributions, scoring numerous points with kills and blocks.


In a thrilling volleyball match between the U.S. Men and Argentina, the U.S. team fought hard but ultimately fell short. Despite a valiant effort to overcome a 0-2 deficit, Argentina’s strong performance and clutch plays led them to victory. The U.S. Men showcased their determination and skill, with standout performances from players like Aaron Russell, Matt Anderson, and Jeff Jendryk. Although this match didn’t end in the U.S. Men’s favor, fans can look forward to their upcoming match against Italy and continue to support their favorite team.

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