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GJNC18s Finishes With the Crowning of Seven New Champions

The Girls 18s Junior National Championship in Columbus, Ohio, concluded with the crowning of seven deserving champions. This annual event brought together approximately 320 teams from across the country for a week-long competition. The championship not only showcased exceptional talent but also had a significant economic impact on Columbus, bringing in an estimated 9,000 people and generating $6 million in revenue.

18 Open Division

In the 18 Open division, Wave 18-Juliana from the SCVA region emerged victorious after a thrilling final match against Premier Nebraska 19 Gold from the Great Plains Region. Wave displayed resilience and determination, winning the first set 25-17, losing the second set 22-25, and ultimately clinching the championship with a 17-15 victory in the third set. The team’s top performer, Julia Blyashov, was named the Most Valuable Player (MVP), while Jillian Neal and Eva Rohrbach received accolades as part of the all-tournament team.

18 National Division

KC Power 18 Black from the Heart of America region dominated the 18 National division with a flawless record of 8-0. They showcased their prowess by winning the tournament without dropping a single set. In the final match against NOVA Juniors 18s Navy from the Ohio Valley region, KC Power secured a convincing 25-17, 25-17 victory. Ashlyn Bellamy’s outstanding performance earned her the MVP title, with Ava TeStrake and Skylar Weaver also being recognized in the all-tournament team.

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18 USA Division

Topeka Impact 18-1, another team from the Heart of America region, demonstrated their strength in the 18 USA division. Despite facing a setback in pool play with a loss to Pursuit 18 National from the Gateway region, Topeka Impact bounced back and emerged victorious in the final against Vegas Aces 18 UnderArmour, winning with scores of 25-21, 25-22. Taylor Russell, a key player for Topeka Impact, emphasized the team’s camaraderie and friendship as one of the highlights of their journey.

18 American Division

Actyve 18-Black from the SCVA region proved their dominance in the 18 American division, winning all ten matches they played. Their path to victory was not without challenges, as they faced a tough semifinal against Rancho Valley 18Premier from the SCVA region. After a hard-fought battle, Actyve emerged victorious with a 19-25, 28-26, 15-7 win. They secured the championship by defeating TIV 18 Black from North Texas in the final with scores of 25-20, 25-23. Natalie Lercari-Sullivan, the team’s setter, expressed both joy and a touch of sadness as the season came to an end.

18 Freedom Division

The 18 Freedom final featured an exciting matchup between Houston Juniors 18 Premier from the Lone Star region and JJVA 18 Teal from the Florida Region. The championship match lived up to expectations, with Houston Juniors clinching victory in a closely contested battle with scores of 25-21, 21-25, 15-13. Middle blocker Victoria Powell emotionally reflected on the team’s journey and celebrated their remarkable triumph.

18 Liberty Division

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Legacy Girls 18 Elite from the SCVA region faced formidable competition on their way to a gold medal in the 18 Liberty division. Despite losing the first set in their opening matches, the team showcased resilience by staging comebacks and securing victories. In the championship final, they defeated Roots 181 Green from the Lone Star region with scores of 25-23, 25-15. Madison Maxwell from Legacy Girls 18 Elite highlighted the team’s energy and emphasized the bond they formed throughout the season.

18 Patriot Division

Wave Volleyball’s success continued in the 18 Patriot division, with their team 18 Dave emerging as the champions. They faced Rogue 18 GO from the Ohio Valley region in an intense final match, ultimately winning with scores of 25-22, 23-25, 15-11. Wave Volleyball’s journey to victory was marked by an undefeated record in the tournament, including a thrilling semifinal win against NNJ 18 Jason from the NCVA region. The team showcased determination and resilience throughout the competition.

With the conclusion of the GJNC18s, these seven newly crowned champions have proven their skills and dedication on the national stage. Their hard work, teamwork, and remarkable performances will be remembered for years to come. Congratulations to all the teams and players for their outstanding achievements!


Q: How many teams participated in the Girls 18s Junior National Championship?
A: Approximately 320 teams competed in the championship.

Q: How long did the tournament last?
A: The tournament spanned over seven days.

Q: What was the economic impact of the championship on Columbus?
A: The championship brought in an estimated 9,000 people and generated $6 million in revenue for Columbus.

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The Girls 18s Junior National Championship concluded with the crowning of seven new champions across different divisions. Teams from various regions showcased their talent and determination, captivating audiences with their exceptional performances. From Wave 18-Juliana’s triumphant victory in the 18 Open division to Legacy Girls 18 Elite’s resilience in the 18 Liberty division, each team left a lasting impression. The championship not only celebrated the sport of volleyball but also contributed to the local economy, bringing in thousands of people and millions of dollars to Columbus. Congratulations to all the champions and participants for their remarkable achievements! To learn more about the championship and the exceptional athletes who competed, visit