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U.S. Teams Shine at Dubai Beach Pro Tour Challenge

Beach Volleyball

The U.S. beach volleyball pairs have had a remarkable performance at the Beach Pro Tour Dubai Challenge No. 1, winning two medals and making history along the way. Let’s dive into the highlights of this thrilling tournament.

Making Waves: Miles Partain and Andy Benesh Take Home Gold

In a spectacular display of skill and determination, Miles Partain and Andy Benesh secured the men’s gold medal. What makes their achievement even more extraordinary is that they started from the qualification rounds. This victory marks the first time a men’s team has advanced from qualification to claim the top spot on the podium at an Elite 16 or Challenge event.

Partain, only 20 years old, now holds the distinction of being one of the youngest players to achieve success at this level. A rising star in the sport, he is also a sophomore player for the UCLA men’s indoor team, under the guidance of U.S. National Team Head Coach John Speraw. This win is a testament to their hard work and dedication.

A Journey of Perseverance

Speaking about their victory, Partain remarked, “It’s really special that we started from the qualifier and battled all the way to get the gold medal. I think we did a really good job of taking it one point at a time.” This incredible journey showcases the unpredictable and exciting nature of beach volleyball.

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A Long-Awaited Victory

It’s been a while since a U.S. men’s team has claimed gold at a top-tier event. The last time it happened was in November 2019, when Jake Gibb and Taylor Crabb emerged victorious at the Chetumal four-star tournament. Partain and Benesh’s triumph brings renewed excitement to the U.S. men’s beach volleyball scene.

Volleyball Action

Team Spirit and Support

Andy Benesh acknowledged the support they received from USA Volleyball, saying, “I am very proud of our federation for doing a great job supporting us. We, the men, have been lacking a little bit, and we are trying to find our way back on the map.” Belief in themselves and the unwavering support of their federation propelled them to success.

Stellar Performances All Around

Logan Webber and Evan Cory had an impressive run in the tournament, reaching the semifinals before narrowly missing out on a spot in the final. Their fourth-place finish marks their best performance as a team in the Beach Pro Tour. Taylor Crabb, partnering with Paul Lotman at the last minute, secured a fifth-place finish. Chase Budinger and Troy Field did not advance out of the pool play after their silver-winning performance in the Maldives just a week prior.

Women’s Success: Katie Horton and Julia Scoles Claim Bronze

The U.S. women’s teams also showcased their talent and determination in Dubai. Katie Horton and Julia Scoles advanced from the qualifying rounds to secure a remarkable bronze-medal finish. This achievement is particularly noteworthy as it is only their second tournament together as a team. Their partnership is off to an impressive start.

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Stepping Up to the Challenge

Xolani Hodel and Hailey Harward, as well as Savvy Simo and Jessica Gaffney, also displayed their skills, finishing tied for fifth place. Allie Wheeler and Deahna Kraft tied for 17th, while Molly Turner and Maddie Anderson tied for 19th. Jade Race and Violeta Slabakova tied for 33rd. These strong performances demonstrate the depth and talent within the U.S. women’s beach volleyball ranks.

What’s Next: Dubai Challenge No. 2

The action continues in Dubai with the highly anticipated Dubai Challenge No. 2. Most of the teams from the first tournament will be competing once again, vying for further success on the sandy courts. Exciting partnerships have formed, with Savvy Simo teaming up with Deahna Kraft for this event.

Men’s Teams:

  • Chase Budinger/Troy Field
  • Logan Webber/Evan Cory
  • Taylor Crabb/Paul Lotman
  • Andy Benesh/Miles Partain

Women’s Teams:

  • Xolani Hodel/Hailey Harward
  • Savvy Simo/Deahna Kraft
  • Katie Horton/Julia Scoles
  • Jade Race/Violeta Slabakova
  • Molly Turner/Maddie Anderson

Qualifying rounds for Dubai Challenge No. 2 have already begun. Benesh/Partain, Webber/Cory, and Crabb/Lotman have all advanced to the main draw on the men’s side, joining Budinger/Field. On the women’s side, Turner and Anderson had already secured their spots in the main draw, while Hodel/Harward, Simo/Kraft, and Horton/Scoles have also qualified.


Q: How did Miles Partain and Andy Benesh make history at the Beach Pro Tour Dubai Challenge No. 1?
A: Partain and Benesh became the first men’s team to start from qualification and win the gold medal in an Elite 16 or Challenge event.

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Q: Who were the last U.S. men’s team to win gold at a top-tier event before Partain and Benesh?
A: Jake Gibb and Taylor Crabb won gold at the Chetumal four-star tournament in November 2019.

Q: What was Katie Horton and Julia Scoles’ finish at the Beach Pro Tour Dubai Challenge No. 1?
A: Horton and Scoles secured a bronze medal, an impressive achievement in only their second tournament together as a team.


The Beach Pro Tour Dubai Challenge No. 1 showcased the incredible talent and determination of U.S. beach volleyball teams. Miles Partain and Andy Benesh’s gold-medal victory made history, while other teams delivered outstanding performances. The U.S. beach volleyball scene continues to thrive, and we eagerly await the thrilling matches at Dubai Challenge No. 2. Stay tuned for more exciting moments from Alpinetgheep.

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