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Perfect Start to NBT Junior Championships

Under mostly blue skies and warm temperatures, the 2019 National Beach Tour Junior Championships (NBTJCs) kicked off with an exciting first session. Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout teams from the 12U and 16U divisions.

Boys 16U – National Open Division

Despite hailing from unconventional beach volleyball hotspots, Gavin Blanchette from Brentwood, Tennessee, and Tate Colebaugh from Owens Cross Roads, Alabama, made a statement on day one of the NBTJCs. They went undefeated in their pool, securing three wins and earning an impressive total of 84 points.

Blanchette and Colebaugh demonstrated great teamwork, keeping their shots clean and crisp throughout the matches. Having played together for four years, these dedicated partners have traveled across the country in search of top-level competition and ideal playing conditions. They even test their skills against adult players, which pushes them to work even harder.

With an undefeated record, Blanchette and Colebaugh are the top-seeded team in their pool for the second round. However, they are not content with just that. They recognize the need for improved communication and tougher serves on the middle day of competition. They are determined to keep rising to the challenge.

Girls 12U – National Open Division

Mia Komsky from Sherman Oaks, California, and Taylor Deckert from Manhattan Beach have only been playing together for a short time, but their chemistry is undeniable. In their fourth tournament as a pair, they dominated their pool, winning all four matches and scoring an impressive 84 points while only allowing 27.

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Komsky and Deckert communicate effectively on the court, hustling for every ball and ensuring nothing touches the ground. Despite their new partnership, they have already established a winning streak in competitive matches. The secret to their success lies in their shared energy and playing styles.

Living close to each other has its advantages, as they are able to practice together and understand each other’s strengths. While Deckert enjoys talking and hitting, Komsky is more focused on executing well-placed shots. Their differences complement each other, making them a formidable team.

As the NBTJCs continue, we look forward to seeing Komsky and Deckert in action, along with other talented young athletes. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting tournament!


1. What is the NBT Junior Championships?
The NBT Junior Championships is an annual beach volleyball tournament that showcases the talent of young athletes in various age divisions.

2. How are the teams determined in the NBTJCs?
Teams in the NBTJCs are determined based on their performance in pool play matches.

3. Are there different divisions in the NBTJCs?
Yes, the NBTJCs feature different divisions based on age, such as 12U and 16U.

4. What is the significance of being the top-seeded team in the pool?
Being the top-seeded team in the pool means that a team has performed exceptionally well and will face lower-ranked opponents in the next rounds of the tournament.

5. How can I stay updated on the NBT Junior Championships?
To stay updated on the NBT Junior Championships, visit the official website of Alpinetgheep here.

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The 2019 National Beach Tour Junior Championships started off with a bang, as talented young athletes showcased their skills and determination on the sandy courts. From impressive undefeated streaks to strong teamwork, these athletes are proving themselves worthy competitors. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the tournament has in store. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!