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Talent Abounds on the Men’s Jr. Training Team

The Men’s Junior National Training Team (MJNTT) is a group of talented young volleyball players from the United States. These athletes, all under the age of 21, represent the future of men’s volleyball in the country. They have been selected based on their skill, potential, and dedication to the sport.

A Team of Rising Stars

The 2017 MJNTT is made up of 20 impressive players, each with their unique set of abilities and strengths. Among the returning players from the 2016 Men’s Junior National Team are middle blockers Scott Stadick and George Huhmann, opposite Kyle Ensing, outside hitters Jordan Ewert, Dylan Missry, and Austin Matautia, setter Josh Tuaniga, and libero Matt Douglas.

Five other players who were not part of the 2016 team have also been chosen. These players have previous international experience, having competed as part of the Boys’ Youth National Teams in 2014 and/or 2015. They are T.J. DeFalco, Micah Ma’a, Brett Rosenmeier, Patrick Gasman, and Noah Dyer.

The Road to the World Championship

The next challenge for the team’s staff is selecting the final 12 athletes who will represent the United States at the 2017 FIVB Men’s U21 World Championship in the Czech Republic. The staff will evaluate each player’s performance and progress during the training camp to make this decision.

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Head Coach Jay Hosack expressed his excitement about seeing the growth and development of the returning players. He is also eager to see how the new players will fit into the team dynamic. The training camp, which will take place in Lake Placid, N.Y., will provide the perfect environment for the coaches to assess each player’s abilities and compatibility with their teammates.

The Importance of Team Cohesion

The focus of the training camp is not solely on individual skill improvement but on finding the best combination of players that work well together. The team needs to have cohesion and synergy on the court to succeed in the world championship.

The coaching staff, consisting of Jay Hosack, Jonah Carson, and Matthew McCarthy, will carefully analyze the interactions and dynamics between the players. This will help them determine the optimal lineup that maximizes the team’s potential and chances of success.


Who is eligible to join the Men’s Junior National Training Team?

Any male volleyball player under the age of 21 who showcases exceptional skill and potential can be considered for the MJNTT.

How are the final 12 athletes selected for the world championship?

The coaching staff evaluates each player’s performance, progress, and compatibility with the team during the training camp. Based on these assessments, they make the difficult decision of selecting the final 12 athletes.

What is the goal of the training camp?

The main goal of the training camp is to identify the players who work well together and form a cohesive team. The coaching staff aims to find the optimal lineup that maximizes the team’s potential and chances of success.

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The Men’s Junior National Training Team is a testament to the abundance of talent and potential in the United States’ men’s volleyball program. These young athletes represent the future of the sport and have the opportunity to showcase their skills on a global stage at the FIVB Men’s U21 World Championship.

Through rigorous training and careful evaluation, the coaching staff will select the final 12 athletes who will proudly represent the United States. The focus is not only on individual skills but on creating a cohesive and highly competitive team. The journey to the world championship will be challenging, but with their dedication and talent, these young players are ready to take on the world.