Monday, 27 May 2024

USAV Board of Directors Holds Productive Fall Meeting


The USA Volleyball Board of Directors recently held its fall meeting, which proved to be a highly productive and successful gathering. Led by the new board chair, Dr. Cecile Reynaud, the meeting was marked by positive discussions and plans for the future of USA Volleyball.

Welcoming New Directors

Five new directors attended the board meeting for the first time, adding fresh perspectives and expertise to the organization. Dain Blanton (Beach-at-large), Steve Bishop (Beach Development), Cassidy Lichtman (Indoor Female Athlete rep), Bob Baker (RVA rep), and CiCi Rojas (Independent) joined the board, bringing the total number of voting members to 17 once the Official’s Assembly Director is appointed.

Dr. Reynaud’s Vision

Dr. Reynaud, who assumed the role of Board chair in late June, shared her vision for the future of USA Volleyball. She emphasized the importance of developing a positive culture within the organization, fostering collaboration between all stakeholders, and aiming to be a model sport governing body in the United States. Dr. Reynaud’s commitment to these goals was evident in her attendance at various volleyball events, including the FIVB Volleyball Nations League Finals and the Olympic Qualification Tournament.

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USA Volleyball’s Achievements

USA Volleyball CEO Jamie Davis highlighted the significant accomplishments of the organization since the last board meeting. Both the U.S. Men’s and Women’s Indoor Teams secured their spots in the 2020 Olympic Games, marking the earliest qualification for the teams in decades. Additionally, several U.S. beach teams are in contention for Olympic qualification. The U.S. Women’s National Sitting Team has already qualified for the Paralympic Games, and the U.S. Men’s Sitting Team will have a final opportunity to qualify in March 2022.

Exciting Developments in Beach Volleyball

During the meeting, the board reviewed a new proposal for the Beach Assembly. Led by Steve Bishop, the proposal aimed to enhance and strengthen the sport of beach volleyball. The involvement of experienced athletes and industry leaders in the proposal’s development ensures a comprehensive and well-informed approach.

Engaging with Important Issues

The board also had the privilege of hearing from Chris McCleary, United States Olympic and Paralympic General Counsel. He provided updates on recent actions taken by Congress and the USOPC regarding national governing body requirements. McCleary’s informative presentation shed light on the responsibilities that come with being the NGB and prompted meaningful discussions among the board members.

Building Connections and Celebrating Achievements

The board members had the opportunity to tour the USA Volleyball national headquarters in Colorado Springs and meet the dedicated and talented staff. This meet-and-greet was a valuable experience, allowing the board to witness firsthand the hard work and dedication that goes into supporting all disciplines of volleyball throughout the year.

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  1. When is the next board meeting scheduled?
    The next board meeting is set to take place on Friday, January 24 in Denver.

  2. Will there be any upcoming events or inductions?
    Yes, the International Volleyball Hall of Fame will hold its inductions on November 8 in Holyoke, Massachusetts.


The fall meeting of the USA Volleyball Board of Directors was a resounding success, with a strong focus on collaboration, progress, and the future of USA Volleyball. The board, under the leadership of Dr. Cecile Reynaud, is committed to building a positive culture and ensuring that USA Volleyball remains a model sport governing body. With exciting achievements and plans on the horizon, the organization is poised for continued growth and success in the months and years to come.

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