Thursday, 23 May 2024

Mintonette Sports Introduces “Mindy” at GJNC

Just who is Mindy anyway? This was the question on the minds of many as they passed by Court 18 at the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships in Indianapolis. Players and parents were sporting mysterious T-shirts with the name Mindy during warm-ups, sparking curiosity among onlookers. As it turns out, Mindy is not a person but a creative marketing idea by Mintonette Sports, a volleyball club based in Ohio.

Mintonette’s club teams all bear the “M.” moniker, and by adding “Indy” to the end, they arrived at the catchy name “M.Indy,” which eventually transformed into Mindy. While some players found it strange, the team shared a lighthearted appreciation for the inside joke.

The first match of the tournament saw Mintonette facing off against Academy 14 Red. The team displayed their dedication and skill, securing a 25-14, 25-6 victory. Coach Bryan Bastuba attributed their success to their focused training on serving over the past month. Madie Franzel, a seasoned player participating in her third national championship, echoed Bastuba’s sentiments and emphasized the importance of teamwork and serves in their triumph.

Moving forward, Mintonette has ambitious goals for the tournament. They aim to make it to the podium and are confident in their team’s talent and abilities. In their second match, M.INDY triumphed once again, defeating Dynasty 14 Gray but faced a tough loss against TIV 14 Black.

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In other news from day one of the tournament, several teams, including last year’s silver medalist Sunshine 14 South Bay, finished the day with a perfect 3-0 record in pool play in the 14 American division. Meanwhile, Metro 14 Travel, the bronze medalist from the previous year, was one of seven teams in the 14 National division to secure a flawless start.

As the action continues at the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships, Mintonette Sports and their creative marketing approach with Mindy have certainly left an impression on the event.


Q: What is the origin of the name “Mindy” associated with Mintonette Sports?
A: Mindy is a clever concept devised by Mintonette Sports’ coaches to serve as a unique marketing tool. It is derived from the club’s practice of naming all their teams with the “M.” moniker and adding “Indy” to the end.

Q: How did Mintonette Sports perform in their first match of the tournament?
A: Mintonette Sports started strong, securing a convincing victory of 25-14, 25-6 against Academy 14 Red. Their focus on serving during their training played a significant role in their success.

Q: What are Mintonette Sports’ goals for the tournament?
A: The team’s goal is to make it to the podium, showcasing their talent and determination. They have high ambitions and are striving to achieve success in the national championships.


Mintonette Sports, a volleyball club known for their innovative approach, turned heads at the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships with their creative marketing idea named “Mindy.” Although Mindy is not an actual person, the team’s inside joke has become a great marketing tool. Mintonette Sports started the tournament strong with a resounding win in their first match, emphasizing the importance of their dedicated training in serving. Looking ahead, the team aims to secure a place on the podium, showcasing their talent and ambition. As the tournament progresses, Mintonette Sports and their memorable marketing approach have made a lasting impression.

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