Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Women’s Update: USA Aims to Launch Domestic Pro Volleyball League

While hundreds of U.S. athletes are competing in professional leagues overseas, the idea of a domestic pro volleyball league in the United States has gained significant momentum. With the success of the national teams and high viewership during the 2016 Olympics, USA Volleyball CEO Jamie Davis is confident that a domestic league will thrive. The proposed league is targeted to launch by 2020.

National team players also express support for a domestic pro league. Rachael Adams and Tori Dixon, two U.S. middles, believe that a domestic league would provide American players with an alternative opportunity to continue their careers without having to spend extensive time away from family and friends in foreign countries. It would also give players the chance to balance professional volleyball with other aspirations, such as starting a family.

In addition, Karch Kiraly, the head coach of the U.S. Women’s National Team, recently responded to fan questions in a Facebook interview. He shared advice for young players, explained how he stays calm during tense matches, talked about his favorite teammates, and discussed his coaching philosophy.

For volleyball enthusiasts, there are exciting matches to watch in the European Champions League and CEV Cup. Several American players are competing, including Jordan Larson, Rachael Adams, Kim Hill, Carli Lloyd, Lauren Gibbemeyer, Kelsey Robinson, Nicole Fawcett, and many more. You can catch their matches live on

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In the Italian Serie A1 league, Kelsey Robinson and Nicole Fawcett are playing for Conegliano and Carli Lloyd and Lauren Gibbemeyer are competing for Casalmaggiore. Both teams have been performing well, with Conegliano currently in first place and Casalmaggiore in second. Their matches have been filled with high-level volleyball and intense competition.

Other American players are also making their mark abroad. Kim Hill is playing for VakifBank in Turkey, Foluke Akinradewo is representing Volero Zurich in Switzerland, and Michelle Bartsch is competing for Sudtirol Bolzano in Italy. These players bring their skills and experience to their respective teams, contributing to their success.

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Q: Will there be a domestic pro volleyball league in the USA?
A: Yes, USA Volleyball CEO Jamie Davis aims to launch a domestic pro league by 2020.

Q: Why do national team players support a domestic league?
A: National team players see a domestic league as an opportunity to continue playing without having to spend long periods away from family and friends.

Q: Who is Karch Kiraly?
A: Karch Kiraly is the head coach of the U.S. Women’s National Team and a former volleyball player.

Q: How can I watch matches involving American players?
A: You can watch matches featuring American players in the European Champions League and CEV Cup live on


In the world of volleyball, the United States is looking to establish its own domestic professional league. With strong support from national team players and the leadership of USA Volleyball CEO Jamie Davis, the dream of a thriving pro league in the USA is becoming a reality. The league aims to provide opportunities for American players to continue their careers without having to travel extensively and be away from their loved ones. American players are also making waves in international leagues, showcasing their skills and contributing to the success of their teams. Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of the domestic pro league and the accomplishments of American players abroad. To learn more, visit

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