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Women’s U21 Takes Pan Am Gold with Win over Mexico

The U.S. Women’s U21 Team celebrated a victorious win at the NORCECA Pan American Cup, securing a 3-0 victory over Mexico in the gold medal match held in Nogales, Mexico (May 28, 2023).

A Dominant Performance

The U.S. Women’s team showcased their exceptional skills throughout the tournament, finishing with an unbeaten record of 5-0 and not losing a single set. This victory marks their second consecutive Pan Am Cup win and their third overall.

Individual Recognition

Several players stood out during the tournament, with Chloe Chicoine earning the title of tournament MVP and First Best Outside Hitter. Norah Sis was recognized as the Second Best Outside Hitter, and Rachel Fairbanks was honored as the Best Setter. Gabrielle Essix excelled as the First Best Middle Blocker, while Lauren Briseño earned the title of Best Receiver.

Thrilling Finale

In the gold medal match, a crowd of 1,800 enthusiastic spectators cheered on the Mexican Women’s U21 Team. During the third set, Mexico fought back and closed the gap to within two points at 18-16. However, the U.S. Women’s team’s resilience and skill led them to victory.

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U.S. Head Coach Dan Fisher praised Mexico for their hospitality and acknowledged the impressive performance of his team’s pin hitters throughout the entire tournament. Fisher also commended Mexico for their powerful serves in the third set, stating that his team had to weather the storm. He expressed his pride in the team’s ability to overcome the challenges and come out on top.

Statistical Superiority

The U.S. team dominated in several statistical categories, outscoring Mexico in kills (46-27), blocks (13-4), and aces (6-3). While Mexico capitalized on U.S. errors, scoring 16 points, they also gave up 10 points due to their own mistakes.

Player Contributions

Rachel Fairbanks and backup setter Alexis Stucky played a crucial role in setting up the U.S. Women’s team for success, achieving an impressive hitting efficiency of .385. Libero Lauren Briseño showcased her defensive skills with 10 digs and nine excellent receptions. Chloe Chicoine and Norah Sis stood out defensively with 10 blocks each.

Chicoine emerged as the top scorer, contributing 19 points through 12 kills, five blocks, and two aces. Opposite hitter Devin Kahahawai added 14 points with 12 kills and two blocks. Norah Sis and middle blocker Bre Kelley each scored nine points, while Mckenna Wucherer and Gabrielle Essix recorded five points apiece.

The Winning Team

The U.S. Women’s U21 NORCECA Pan American Cup roster included Lauren Briseño, Chloe Chicoine, Rachel Fairbanks, Mckenna Wucherer, Eva Hudson, Norah Sis, Alexis Stucky, Gabrielle Essix, Devin Kahahawai, Allie Sczech, Bre Kelley, and Marianna Singletary.

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Head Coach Dan Fisher was flanked by Assistant Coaches Josh Walker and Jessica Aschenbrenner, Team Leader Jeffrey Wanderer, Athletic Trainer Rebecca Duran, and Performance Analyst AJ Ruttenberg.


Q: How did the U.S. Women’s U21 Team perform in the NORCECA Pan American Cup?
A: The U.S. Women’s U21 Team had a remarkable performance, finishing the tournament with a perfect record of 5-0 and winning the gold medal.

Q: Who were the standout players for the U.S. Women’s U21 Team?
A: Chloe Chicoine was named tournament MVP and First Best Outside Hitter, while Norah Sis and Rachel Fairbanks were recognized as Second Best Outside Hitter and Best Setter, respectively.

Q: How did the U.S. Women’s U21 Team overcome the challenges posed by Mexico in the gold medal match?
A: Despite a strong performance from Mexico, the U.S. Women’s team showed resilience and skill, ultimately pulling away in the third set to secure a 3-0 victory.


The U.S. Women’s U21 Team clinched the gold medal at the NORCECA Pan American Cup with a resounding 3-0 victory over Mexico. Their unbeaten record and dominant performance throughout the tournament solidified their position as the top team. Individual players, including Chloe Chicoine, Norah Sis, and Rachel Fairbanks, received well-deserved recognition for their outstanding contributions. The U.S. team’s ability to overcome a resilient Mexican side showcased their determination and skill. With this victory, the U.S. Women’s U21 Team has firmly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in international volleyball.

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