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U.S. Men’s Jr. Team Finds Success at Worlds


The U.S. Men’s Junior National Team had a resounding victory in the FIVB Men’s Under-21 World Championship against Morocco in Ceske Budejovice. With a sweeping victory of 25-18, 25-23, 25-21, the team showcased their determination and skill on the court.

A Strong Performance

The Men’s Junior National Team (MJNT) displayed their prowess, leading in kills (36-31) and blocks (13-8) while Morocco held the edge in aces (4-3). The team capitalized on Morocco’s errors, scoring on 23 of them. U.S. Head Coach Jay Hosack expressed his pride in the team’s execution and acknowledged the challenge of playing against a team that they were expected to defeat.

Standout Players

Dylan Missry and Austin Matautia, both outside hitters, made significant contributions to the team’s victory. Missry scored eight points with seven kills and one block, while Matautia totaled five kills, two blocks, and one ace. Middle blocker Pat Gasman, who started all three sets, added six points with four kills, one block, and one ace.

Looking Ahead

The team acknowledged that they didn’t maintain their energy in the second and third sets, but their resilience allowed them to secure a victory in three sets. The upcoming match against the Czech Republic or Japan holds great significance, and ending the tournament with a win would be a major accomplishment for the team.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who were the starters for the U.S. MJNT vs. Morocco?
A: The starters were Brett Rosenmeier and Jordan Ewert (outside hitters), Scott Stadick and Patrick Gasman (middle blockers), Josh Tuaniga (setter), Kyle Ensing (opposite), and Gage Worsley (libero).

Q: What were the statistics for the U.S. MJNT vs. Morocco?
A: The statistics include kills (Ensing 20, Rosenmeier 14, Ewert 6, Tuaniga 5, Gasman 3, Stadick 1, Matautia 1), blocks (Huhmann 5, Stadick 4, Ensing 2, Szews 1, Tuaniga 1), aces (Ensing 1, Tuaniga 1, Rosenmeier 1), and digs (Worsley 16, Ensing 14, Rosenmeier 10, Ewert 7, Ma’a 3, Tuaniga 2, Huhmann 1, Stadick 1).

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The U.S. Men’s Junior National Team showcased their skills and determination in their victory against Morocco. With their sights set on securing a win in their next match, the team continues to strive for success in the FIVB Men’s Under-21 World Championship. Stay updated with Alpinetgheep to follow their journey and show your support for the team.

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