Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Top 166 Drills to Improve Your Volleyball Skills

Are you a coach looking for new drills to help your players improve their volleyball skills? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the top 166 drills from around the world that will take your players’ abilities to the next level.

Why Drills Matter in Volleyball

As a coach, you may wonder why drills are so important in volleyball training. It’s simple – the game of volleyball teaches the game itself. While there are many drills out there, very few of them truly replicate the game-like situations that players will experience during matches. Gamelike training is the key to developing skills that transfer seamlessly to real game situations.

Enhancing Variety and Fun in Practice

One effective way to provide variety and fun in practice is to change up the scoring system. By incorporating different scoring variations, you can emphasize specific areas of the game, focus on improving weaknesses, and keep your players engaged. We have gathered a list of scoring variations that you can incorporate into your training sessions, allowing you to get creative and make practice more enjoyable.

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The Importance of Playing the Game

While drills are crucial for skill development, it is equally important for players to showcase their skills in actual game situations. Too often, players can perform certain skills flawlessly in isolated drills but struggle to execute them during games. That’s why it’s essential to create opportunities for players to test their skills in competitive settings and implement what they have learned in practice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can I ensure that my players transfer their skills from practice to games?
A: The key is to create practice scenarios that closely resemble actual game situations. By incorporating game-like drills and emphasizing the same movements and decision-making processes, players will become more comfortable executing their skills during matches.

Q: How do scoring variations contribute to player development?
A: Scoring variations add excitement and variety to practice, encouraging players to focus on specific aspects of the game. By changing the scoring system, players are compelled to adapt their strategies, enhancing their overall understanding and proficiency.

Q: Should I prioritize game-like drills over traditional isolated drills?
A: While traditional isolated drills have their place in skill development, game-like drills are more effective in teaching players how to apply their skills in real-game scenarios. It’s essential to strike a balance between both types of drills to ensure comprehensive skill development.


By incorporating these top 166 drills into your training sessions, you can revolutionize your players’ volleyball skills. Remember, the game teaches the game, so it’s crucial to create practice scenarios that closely resemble match situations. Keep the players engaged and motivated by incorporating scoring variations and emphasizing the importance of playing the game. With dedication and the right training, your players will reach new heights in their volleyball journey.

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