Thursday, 23 May 2024

Klineman/Ross Secure their Spot in the Semifinals

Every playoff match in the Olympic Games requires determination and resilience, and that’s exactly what Alix Klineman and April Ross demonstrated in their quarterfinal victory against Margareta Kozuch and Laura Ludwig of Germany. The American duo claimed a 2-0 victory (21-19, 21-19) at Shiokaze Park on Tuesday, earning themselves a place in the semifinals.

Ross acknowledged the strength of the competition, stating, “The field is so strong and there’s been a lot of upsets. We go into every match ready to battle. You have to earn it every step of the way. You have to fight really, really hard. To be in the semis is amazing.”

The semifinal match is scheduled for 5 pm Pacific Time on Wednesday, August 4 (9 am August 5 local time). Klineman and Ross will be facing Anouk Verge-Depre and Joana Heidrich of Switzerland, who secured their spot in the semifinals after defeating Brazil’s Ana Patricia Silva Ramos and Rebecca Silva in the quarterfinals.

Ross, a two-time Olympic medalist, is no stranger to the semifinal stage. She reached the semifinals at the London 2012 Olympics with her former partner, Jennifer Kessy, ultimately winning a silver medal. In Rio 2016, Ross and Kerri Walsh Jennings made it to the semifinals but settled for bronze.

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Laura Ludwig, Kozuch’s partner, also has a successful Olympic history, having won gold in Rio with her former partner, Kira Walkenhorst.

In their quarterfinal match against Ludwig and Kozuch, the U.S. team dominated every statistical category, scoring four more attack points (27-23), two more block points and aces (3-1 each), and recording more digs (10-6). Ross herself contributed 25 points, with 22 coming from attacks and three from serves.

Both sets were closely contested, with the first set reaching a tie at 19-19, and neither team holding a lead of more than two points in the second set. In the first set, Klineman/Ross trailed 17-18 but leveled the score with a decisive attack from Ross. A missed German attack gave the U.S. the lead, but Kozuch tied the set at 19-19 with a successful attack. The U.S. regained the lead with an errant serve from Germany, and Ross sealed the set with a powerful attack.

The second set followed a similar pattern, with 12 tie scores. Klineman/Ross took a permanent lead at 17-16 when Klineman executed a precise attack. Ross extended their lead to two points at 18-16 with a well-placed shot. Several sideouts later, Ross hit the ball off the block and out of bounds, securing the victory for the U.S. and their spot in the semifinals.

Ross acknowledged the strength of their German opponents, stating, “That’s a super strong German team, and we have so much respect for them. It was just trusting in our abilities as a team and what we do. We did a lot of preparation and stuck with what we wanted to do.”

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The upcoming semifinal match will be the first meeting between Klineman/Ross and Verge-Depre/Heidrich since 2018. Although the two teams were initially scheduled to play in the Ostrava Four-star stop on the FIVB World Tour in June, Klineman/Ross withdrew from the tournament before the match began.


  1. Who did Klineman/Ross defeat in the quarterfinals?

    • Klineman/Ross defeated Margareta Kozuch and Laura Ludwig of Germany.
  2. What time is the semifinal match scheduled for?

    • The semifinal match is scheduled for 5 pm Pacific Time on Wednesday, August 4 (9 am August 5 local time).
  3. Who will Klineman/Ross face in the semifinals?

    • Klineman/Ross will be facing Anouk Verge-Depre and Joana Heidrich of Switzerland in the semifinals.
  4. How did Ross perform in the quarterfinal match?

    • Ross contributed 25 points to the U.S. team’s victory, with 22 points from attacks and three points from serves.
  5. What was the result of the quarterfinal match between Klineman/Ross and Ludwig/Kozuch?

    • Klineman/Ross won the match 2-0 (21-19, 21-19).


Alix Klineman and April Ross showcased their determination and skill in their quarterfinal triumph against Margareta Kozuch and Laura Ludwig of Germany. With a 2-0 victory, Klineman/Ross secured their place in the semifinals. Ross emphasized the strength of the competition and the necessity of fighting hard for every step forward. The semifinal match will see Klineman/Ross facing Anouk Verge-Depre and Joana Heidrich of Switzerland. Despite the challenges posed by their German opponents, Klineman/Ross dominated the quarterfinal match statistically, with Ross contributing 25 points to the team’s success. The closely contested sets highlighted the tenacity and precision of both teams. The upcoming semifinal will be an exciting and highly anticipated showdown between Klineman/Ross and Verge-Depre/Heidrich.

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