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Keys to Making More Digs on the Beach

The art of beach volleyball requires a combination of skill, strategy, and a deep understanding of your opponents. In this article, we will hear from some of the best in the game, including Olympic gold medalist Karch Kiraly, AVP pro Ty Tramblie, U.S. National Beach Team member Betsi Flint, director/founder of Tamarack Beach Volleyball Club Andrew Bennett, and beach Olympian Barbra Fontana. They will share their insights and provide valuable tips on how to improve your digging game.

Study Your Opponents

One common theme emphasized by these experts is the importance of studying your opponents. Kiraly suggests building a visual encyclopedia on each player by observing their attacking patterns. This knowledge allows you to anticipate their moves, making it easier to dig their shots. Tramblie adds that staying locked on the hitter and carefully observing their approach, footwork, and arm position can provide valuable information that can lead to successful digs.

Play to Their Tendencies

Understanding your opponents’ tendencies is crucial in beach volleyball. Flint advises adjusting your positioning and movement based on the hitter’s preferences. If they favor a cut shot, taking one step towards the line can give you an advantage. On the other hand, if they prefer a line shot, positioning yourself towards the middle can help you defend their attacks effectively. It’s all about adapting your defense to counter their style of play.

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Be Strategic

Andrew Bennett highlights the importance of strategy in making more defensive plays. He suggests playing volleyball like a game of chess, staying a few moves ahead of your opponents. By analyzing their hitting preferences, you can strategically serve to areas that will force them out of their comfort zone. Changing your game plan and mixing up defensive strategies can keep your opponents on their toes and increase your chances of getting more digs.

Master Your Technique

Lastly, Fontana emphasizes the significance of technique in improving your digging skills. Breaking down the different components of the dig, such as starting position, body position, and tracking the ball in straight lines, will ultimately enhance your defensive range. It may require discipline and practice, but mastering the fundamentals of defense will pay off in points earned on the sand.


Q1: How can I anticipate my opponents’ moves in beach volleyball?

A1: Observing your opponents’ attacking patterns and studying their movements can help you anticipate their shots. Pay attention to their footwork, arm position, and approach speed to gain valuable insights.

Q2: Should I adjust my positioning based on the hitter’s tendencies?

A2: Yes, adapting your positioning and movement to the hitter’s tendencies can give you an advantage. If they have a preference for a specific shot, adjust your positioning to counter their attacks effectively.

Q3: How important is strategy in beach volleyball?

A3: Strategy plays a crucial role in beach volleyball. By analyzing your opponents’ preferences and serving strategically, you can disrupt their rhythm and increase your defensive plays.

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To make more successful digs on the beach, it is essential to study your opponents, play to their tendencies, be strategic in your approach, and master your defensive technique. By incorporating these tips from volleyball legends, you can elevate your game and become a more effective beach volleyball player. So, hit the sand, put these techniques to practice, and enjoy the thrill of digging those hard-hitting shots!

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