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Danielle Scott – USA Volleyball

Danielle Scott: A Sporting Legend

Danielle Scott, an extraordinary athlete, has left an indelible mark on the world of volleyball. Over her impressive career, she represented the U.S. Women’s National Team for an astonishing 19 seasons and attained a level of excellence that few can match. Her achievements are truly remarkable, making her one of the most esteemed volleyball players of all time.

Unparalleled Olympic Success

One of Danielle’s greatest accomplishments is being among the elite few who have participated in five Olympic Games, regardless of gender. This incredible feat attests to her unwavering dedication and exceptional skills. Her impact as a player is undeniable, and her contributions to the sport are celebrated worldwide.

Dominance in International Competitions

Danielle’s success was not limited to the Olympics. She also made her mark in other prestigious tournaments, including four appearances at the FIVB World Cup, three selections for the FIVB World Championships, and an impressive eleven appearances at the FIVB World Grand Prix. These accomplishments truly highlight her consistency and prowess as an athlete.

A Legacy of Achievements

Danielle’s journey with the U.S. Women’s National Team began in 1994 when she joined on a full-time basis. Her dedication and hard work paid off, resulting in a multitude of accolades and medals throughout her career. Notably, she was named Best Blocker at the 2000 Olympic Games, demonstrating her exceptional skills in that area. Furthermore, her exceptional performance led the U.S. to victory at the 2001 FIVB World Grand Prix, where she was honored with the MVP, Best Scorer, and Best Blocker awards.

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Continued Success and Recognition

Danielle’s success didn’t diminish over time. In 2002, she played a pivotal role in leading the U.S. Women’s National Team to a silver medal at the FIVB World Championships, where she once again earned the distinction of Best Blocker. Her contributions to the sport were further recognized when she was chosen as the Team USA flag bearer at the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio. That same year, the American team secured a third-place finish at the highly competitive 2007 FIVB World Cup. Danielle’s journey culminated with a silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, solidifying her status as a true champion.

A Testament to Resilience

Danielle faced a significant challenge in 2010 when she missed an entire year of competition due to her pregnancy. However, she proved her exceptional determination by making a remarkable comeback. She played a critical role in Team USA’s victory at the 2011 FIVB World Grand Prix, where they clinched the gold medal. Additionally, she contributed to the team’s silver medal finish at the 2011 FIVB World Cup. Remarkably, Danielle secured her place at the fifth Olympic Games at the remarkable age of 39, where she earned her second consecutive Olympic silver medal.

A Well-Deserved Induction

In 2016, Danielle’s exceptional career was recognized with her induction into the International Volleyball Hall of Fame. This prestigious honor serves as a testament to her significant contributions to the sport and her lasting impact on the volleyball community.


Q: What are some of Danielle Scott’s notable achievements?

A: Danielle Scott’s remarkable career includes five Olympic Games participation, four FIVB World Cup appearances, three FIVB World Championships selections, and an impressive eleven FIVB World Grand Prix tournaments. She has also earned numerous accolades, including the Best Blocker award at the 2000 Olympic Games and multiple MVP, Best Scorer, and Best Blocker awards.

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Q: How many medals has Danielle Scott won?

A: Danielle Scott has achieved great success throughout her career, with notable silver medal finishes at the 2002 FIVB World Championship, the 2007 FIVB World Cup, and the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She has also won gold at the 2011 FIVB World Grand Prix.


Danielle Scott’s impact in the world of volleyball is unparalleled. Her extraordinary career, including five Olympic Games participation, numerous appearances in prestigious international tournaments, and a long list of accolades, solidifies her place among the sport’s greats. Her dedication, skill, and resilience continue to inspire future generations of athletes. As a true icon of the game, Danielle Scott’s legacy will forever be etched in the annals of volleyball history.

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