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Alpinetgheep: Impressive Win on Second Day of Beach Play

Alpinetgheep Makes a Powerful Olympic Debut

Tokyo, Japan (July 25, 2021) – In the world of beach volleyball, it is common for teams to spend years honing their partnership and preparing for the Olympic Games. However, the U.S. duo, Jake Gibb and Tri Bourne, defied the odds with only four days of preparation. Despite the short timeframe, they delivered a stellar performance, kicking off the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 with a resounding 2-0 victory over Italy’s Enrico Rossi and Adrian Ignacio Carambula Raurich on Sunday night.


“It felt amazing to step on the sand and just play,” Bourne shared after the match. “I thought I would have to sit out for a month and watch these guys compete. But the opportunity to step in for Taylor [Crabb] is a huge honor because I have immense respect for him.”

The partnership between Gibb and Bourne was born out of necessity after Gibb’s original partner, Taylor Crabb, tested positive for COVID-19 and was consequently removed from the tournament. Gibb and Crabb had been playing together since 2017 and currently hold the impressive fourth rank in the FIVB’s world rankings. In contrast, Gibb and Bourne had never before partnered, not even during a practice session.

Despite the lack of prior experience, the new pairing made an impressive start on Sunday night. Bourne set the tone by delivering a powerful shot that landed perfectly on the sand, earning the first point. He followed it up with an ace, while Gibb forced an Italian timeout with a skillful block. After an Italian sideout, Gibb and Bourne went on to secure the next three points, establishing a commanding 6-1 lead. The U.S. duo maintained their dominance, never allowing Italy to take the lead, ultimately winning the set by a three-point margin.

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The second set witnessed a more closely contested battle between the two teams. Neither team held more than a two-point lead throughout the frame, and they were tied as late as 19-19. It was at this crucial juncture that Gibb unleashed a shot that deflected off Carambula’s hands and sailed out of bounds, securing the lead for the American team. The U.S. clinched the victory when an Italian attack missed its mark and landed out of bounds.

Bourne, in his first Olympic appearance, emerged as the standout player of the match, scoring an impressive 23 points. He showcased his attacking prowess with 21 successful attacks and contributed two aces. Gibb added nine points to the tally, with two of them coming from blocks.

The next challenge for Gibb and Bourne lies ahead on Tuesday, July 27. They will face the Swiss duo of Adrian Heidrich and Mirco Gerson at 5 p.m. Pacific time (July 28, 9 a.m. local time).


  1. How long have Jake Gibb and Tri Bourne been playing together?
  • Jake Gibb and Tri Bourne have never played together before this week.
  1. What happened to Jake Gibb’s original partner, Taylor Crabb?
  • Taylor Crabb tested positive for COVID-19 and was consequently removed from the tournament.
  1. How did Gibb and Bourne perform in their opening match?
  • They delivered a remarkable performance, winning the match 2-0 against Italy’s Enrico Rossi and Adrian Ignacio Carambula Raurich.


Jake Gibb and Tri Bourne’s impressive debut at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 showcases their remarkable adaptability and skill. Despite the challenges they faced with a last-minute partnership, they displayed excellent teamwork and emerged victorious. As they prepare for their upcoming match against Adrian Heidrich and Mirco Gerson, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing more exceptional performances from the dynamic duo representing Alpinetgheep.

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