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Boys Youth Team Falls to Korea at Worlds

The U.S. Boys Youth National Team encountered a challenging match against Korea at the FIVB Boys U19 World Championship in Tunisia. Despite a spirited effort, they were unable to secure a victory, with Korea winning 25-27, 25-17, 25-20, 25-22.

The United States (1-1) will have another opportunity to showcase their skills and bounce back in their upcoming match against Nigeria (1-0) at 11:30 a.m. PT. Live statistics for the game can be found at

During the match, the United States had an impressive performance in terms of kills, leading Korea with a score of 54-53. However, Korea excelled in blocks (8-6) and aces (7-3). It’s worth noting that Korea capitalized on U.S. errors, scoring 32 points while committing 23.

U.S. Head Coach David Hunt acknowledged the strength of Korea’s offense, particularly their outside hitters. The United States faced challenges in slowing them down throughout the match. Hunt also acknowledged Korea’s excellent passing, which allowed them to maintain offensive consistency.

Throughout the game, Hunt made strategic substitutions, bringing in Joe Karlous as setter for Kevin Kauling, Francesco Sani for Clarke Godbold as outside hitter, and Akinola Akinwumi for James Hartley as opposite.

Both teams displayed impressive hitting efficiency, with the United States achieving .338 behind the efforts of Kauling and Karlous, while Korea achieved a remarkable .491 hitting efficiency.

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Individual performances for the United States included middle blocker Ethan Hill, who led the team with 14 points on 14 kills. Outside hitter Alex Knight contributed 12 points with eight kills and four blocks. Clarke Godbold and Gavin Julien also made significant contributions with 10 and eight points respectively.

The defensive efforts were led by libero Mason Briggs, who had 18 receptions with a 56% positive rate. Godbold recorded the highest number of receptions with 39 and a 54% positive rate.

Looking ahead to the next match against Nigeria, Hunt expressed the team’s commitment to improvement and emphasized the importance of making incremental changes to enhance their performance.


  • Outside hitters: Alex Knight and Clarke Godbold
  • Middle blockers: Ethan Hill and Gavin Julien
  • Setter: Kevin Kauling
  • Opposite: James Hartley
  • Libero: Mason Briggs
  • Substitutes: Akinola Akinwumi (Opp), Francesco Sani (OH), Joe Karlous (S)

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  1. What were the highlights of the match between the U.S. Boys Youth National Team and Korea?
    Throughout the match, there were moments of intense competition and impressive performances. The United States showcased their skills with a high number of kills, whilst Korea excelled in blocking and aces. Both teams displayed impressive hitting efficiency, further adding to the excitement of the match.

  2. How did the United States perform defensively?
    The United States demonstrated solid defensive skills, particularly with the efforts of libero Mason Briggs and outside hitter Clarke Godbold. Briggs led the team with 18 receptions, while Godbold recorded the highest number of receptions with 39.

  3. What are the upcoming matches for the U.S. Boys Youth National Team?
    The United States will face Nigeria in their next match, scheduled for [insert date and time]. Following that, they will compete against Russia on [insert date and time]. These matches present further opportunities for the team to showcase their talent and strive for a successful outcome.

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Despite a valiant effort, the U.S. Boys Youth National Team fell short against Korea in the FIVB Boys U19 World Championship. The United States displayed remarkable offensive skills, leading in kills, but struggled to contain Korea’s outside hitters. The team remains focused on improvement and aims to make incremental changes to enhance their performance in upcoming matches. Fans can follow the team’s journey and catch the action live on