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Dalhausser and Lucena: A Silver Medal Performance at Gstaad Major

Dalhausser and Lucena

Dalhausser and Lucena, the dynamic duo of beach volleyball, once again showcased their skills on the international stage. In their final tournament before the Olympic Games, they clinched silver at the FIVB World Tour in Gstaad, Switzerland. Let’s dive into the details of their exceptional performance and the challenges they faced along the way.

The Journey to the Finals

In a remarkable display of talent, both of the USA Olympic men’s pairs secured top spots in the tournament. Similar to their female counterparts, who also finished in the top five, Phil Dalhausser and Nick Lucena proved their mettle by making it to the final. However, they faced tough competition from the Brazilian team.

An Intense Battle for Gold

In the highly anticipated gold medal match, Dalhausser and Lucena started strong but faced an uphill battle against the talented Brazilians. Despite their best efforts, Brazil gained control and eventually secured victory. Dalhausser acknowledged the incredible serving skills of Brazil’s Evandro, which proved to be a significant challenge for the American team. Nevertheless, they fought hard and forced multiple set points, showcasing their determination and resilience.

Reflecting on the Performance

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Dalhausser and Lucena analyzed their performance with a mix of satisfaction and determination. While they acknowledged the slow start to the tournament, they highlighted their improvement as the competition progressed. Though they didn’t achieve the coveted gold, they recognized the hard work they put in to secure second place.

Road to the Finals

Before the final match, Dalhausser and Lucena overcame formidable opponents to reach the semifinals. They dominated their matches against Spain, Italy, and Brazil, displaying their versatility and strength. This impressive winning streak was preceded by a strong performance in the pool play, where they recorded a 2-1 record despite a setback against Mexico.

Gibb and Patterson’s Journey

Meanwhile, Jake Gibb and Casey Patterson exhibited their exceptional skills as they traversed the tournament. Although they fell short in the quarterfinals against Latvia, their overall performance was commendable. Gibb expressed disappointment but also emphasized the learning opportunities derived from their defeat. They aimed to refine their strategies in preparation for the upcoming Olympic Games.

The Crabb Brothers’ Achievement

The Crabb brothers, Trevor and Taylor, also left their mark on the tournament. They achieved their best international finish thus far, securing a notable ninth place. Their journey included a captivating three-set match against Austria’s Doppler/Horst, showcasing their tenacity. The Crabbs’ perseverance and skill deserve admiration.

The American Contenders

Among the five U.S. men’s teams, Gibb and Patterson were the sole victors in their pool, demonstrating their dominance. Unfortunately, the other teams faced early exits from the tournament. John Hyden and Tri Bourne encountered a fierce Brazilian team in the first round, ending their journey in 17th place. Sean Rosenthal and Jeremy Casebeer, along with Kimberly DiCello and Kendra Vanzwieten, experienced challenges, resulting in a tied 25th place finish.

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Looking Ahead

Despite the Gstaad Major coming to a close, there are many exciting events on the horizon for beach volleyball enthusiasts. Several notable tournaments, including the Olympic Games, await our favorite athletes. The road to glory continues, and we eagerly anticipate the thrilling battles that lie ahead.


Q: How did Dalhausser and Lucena perform in the Gstaad Major?
A: Dalhausser and Lucena earned silver, showcasing their exceptional skills throughout the tournament.

Q: Did the American men’s pairs perform well in the competition?
A: Both pairs, Dalhausser/Lucena and Gibb/Patterson, performed admirably, with Dalhausser/Lucena reaching the final and Gibb/Patterson finishing fifth.

Q: How did the Crabb brothers fare in the tournament?
A: The Crabb brothers secured a commendable ninth place finish, marking their best international performance so far.


Dalhausser and Lucena’s impressive silver medal finish in the Gstaad Major highlights their world-class skills and unwavering dedication. As they continue their journey towards the Olympic Games, we eagerly anticipate more remarkable performances from the dynamic American duo. Stay tuned for more thrilling beach volleyball action!

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