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Over 250 Athletes Compete in Beach High Performance Zone Championships is excited to share the thrilling results of the Beach High Performance Zone Championships. This event, organized by the USA Volleyball Beach High Performance program, showcased the incredible talent of more than 250 athletes from across the country.

Zonal Assessments: A New Approach to Identifying Talent

In 2017, the USA Volleyball Beach High Performance program made a strategic shift in its junior pipeline process. Instead of traditional tryouts, athletes had the opportunity to participate in zonal assessments. These assessments took place throughout the season, with four different zone skill assessment camps held in Florida, California, Texas, and Iowa. The aim was to provide U13-U19 athletes with an immersive program and accessibility to High Performance coaches.

The Road to Championships

Following the assessment camps, the top athletes from each zone had the chance to compete in the four zone championships. These championships were held in the Central, Pacific, Atlantic, and Border zones. Athletes from the HP A2 program and regional teams showcased their skills in a bid to win and qualify for the prestigious USA Junior Beach Championships, which will take place from July 31 to August 2 in Hermosa Beach, California.

Central Zone Championships: Exceptional Talent in Iowa

The Central Zone Championships kicked off the zonal events with an impressive display of talent. More than 50 athletes from eight states gathered at the Oasis Sand Bar in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This state-of-the-art facility, boasting new indoor beach courts, provided the perfect backdrop for the intense competition. Athletes showcased their skills in the boys’ and girls’ U19, U17, and U15 age groups.

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U19 Winners:

  • Boys: Elijah Margetts and Kyle Dixon
  • Girls: Allison Ferguson and Miranda Greathoust

U17 Winners:

  • Boys: Zeo Meyer and Edward Jakubauskas
  • Girls: Chloe Tome and Grace Mans

U15 Winners:

  • Boys: Gavin Peters and Samuel Brey
  • Girls: Maya May Brown and Sarah Morton

Pacific Zone Championships: A Showcase of Rising Stars

The Pacific Zone Championships gathered 64 talented athletes from five states. This event marked the introduction of the U13 age group to the zone championships. The competition was fierce, and the stands were graced by prominent international and national grade officials.

U19 Winners:

  • Boys: Jeremy Lim and Evan Dragich
  • Girls: Caroline Schafer and Maggie Walters

U17 Winners:

  • Boys: Benjamin Wood and Truman Natividad
  • Girls: Ciara Cantlen and Jillian Rodriguez

U15 Winner:

  • Girls: Logan Scully and Elizabeth Anderson

U13 Winner:

  • Girls: Anya Baklenko and Courtney Knapick

Atlantic Zone Championships: A Gathering of Beach Volleyball Excellence

The Atlantic Zone Championships took place at Rally Volleyball in Cartersville, Georgia. This state-of-the-art sports complex welcomed 92 athletes from 12 states, making it the largest of the four zone championships. The event showcased the top talent who had been training with the Beach High Performance program in previous years.

U19 Winners:

  • Boys: Christian Phung and Luke Salm
  • Girls: Abigail Hughes and Jordan Smith

U17 Winners:

  • Boys: Eric Winn and John Ziska
  • Girls: Lexy Denaburg and Rileigh Powers

U15 Winners:

  • Boys: Christopher Connelly and Nico Paula
  • Girls: Brianna Dempsey and Stella Dees
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U13 Winner:

  • Girls: Camryn Ehlers and Alyssa Cadavid

Border Zone Championships: Texas Shines Bright

The Border Zone Championships took place at The Strand in Lewisville, Texas. Athletes from six states came together to compete in the final HP Zone Championship of 2017. This event featured athletes with extensive USAV HP experience.

U19 Winners:

  • Boys: Tristan Vassberg and Broderick Miller
  • Girls: Katherine Privett and Samantha Plaster

U17 Winners:

  • Boys: Camden Miner and Ashton Thiemer
  • Girls: Josephine Miller and Madeline Speicher

U15 Winners:

  • Boys: Alexander Chacon and Joshua Garcia
  • Girls: Ava Guerra and Hope Sabater

U13 Winner:

  • Girls: Saylor Little and Giselle Groe


The Beach High Performance Zone Championships showcased the extraordinary talent of over 250 athletes from across the country. extends warm congratulations to all the participants and winners. We look forward to witnessing the thrilling competition at the upcoming USA Junior Beach Championships in Hermosa Beach, California.


Q: What is the Beach High Performance program?
A: The Beach High Performance program is organized by USA Volleyball and focuses on identifying and nurturing the talent of junior athletes in beach volleyball.

Q: How were the zone championships organized?
A: The zone championships consisted of zonal assessment camps followed by the championships in each age group. Athletes competed against the top talent from their respective zones for a chance to qualify for the USA Junior Beach Championships.

Q: Where will the USA Junior Beach Championships take place?
A: The USA Junior Beach Championships will be held in Hermosa Beach, California, from July 31 to August 2.

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Q: Which age groups were represented in the zone championships?
A: The zone championships featured athletes in the U19, U17, U15, and U13 age groups.

Q: How many states were represented in the zone championships?
A: Athletes from a total of 31 states participated in the zone championships.

Q: Can anyone participate in the zonal assessment camps?
A: The zonal assessment camps are specifically designed for U13-U19 athletes who are looking to enhance their skills and have access to High Performance coaches.