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Annie Drews: Rising Star in Women’s Volleyball

Annie Drews

Annie Drews, the talented opposite hitter from Elkhart, Indiana, has been making waves in the world of women’s volleyball. Despite flying under the radar for much of her career, Drews is now quickly gaining recognition for her outstanding performances. From her time at Purdue University to her current position on the second-ranked team in the world, Drews has consistently showcased her skills and determination.

A Breakout Performance

In a recent match against fourth-ranked Brazil, Drews demonstrated her prowess on the court, leading Team USA to victory with an impressive 21-point performance. She recorded 16 kills, four blocks, and an ace over the course of four sets, showcasing her versatility and contribution to the team’s success. Drews’ dominant performance caught the attention of her opponents, solidifying her position as a rising star in women’s volleyball.

A Family Affair

What made this victory even more special for Drews was the presence of her family in the stands. Playing on American soil, with her loved ones watching, added an extra layer of motivation and pride for the talented athlete. Drews expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to play in front of her family and acknowledged the support provided by USA Volleyball in allowing families to attend practices and matches.

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The Road to Success

Drews’ journey to the top has been marked by hard work and determination. Before joining the U.S. Women’s National Team, she excelled at Purdue University, earning AVCA All-America Second-Team honors in 2015. However, her name was not widely recognized, as she competed against some of the best college players in the highly competitive Big Ten Conference.

After her college career, Drews gained valuable experience playing in the Puerto Rican Superliga, a professional league that may not be on par with leagues in countries like Turkey and Italy but still provides a platform for talented athletes to showcase their skills. Her success in the Puerto Rican league caught the attention of the U.S. Women’s National Team, and she was given the opportunity to join the roster.

Making an Impact

Despite joining the team later than her counterparts, Drews quickly made her mark. In her first tournament with Team USA, the Pan American Cup, she led the team in scoring in three out of seven matches, contributing to the team’s triumph in the tournament. Following this success, Drews was humbled by not being selected for the FIVB World Grand Prix preliminary rounds. However, she used this setback as an opportunity to train alongside experienced Olympians and improve her game.

Drews’ dedication and hard work paid off when she was added to the U.S. Women’s National Team roster for the World Grand Prix Finals Round. Despite the team not securing victories in their matches against Serbia and Italy, Drews provided a significant impact off the bench, scoring valuable points and showcasing her potential.

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The Future Ahead

With Kelly Murphy, the 2016 Olympic bronze medalist, currently away from the team, Drews has a chance to shine and prove herself even further. Her performances in recent matches have undoubtedly caught the attention of not only her own team but also players and coaches from around the world. As she continues to impress, Drews looks forward to the upcoming challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


1. How did Annie Drews perform against Brazil in the USA Volleyball Cup match?

In the match against Brazil, Annie Drews delivered an outstanding performance, recording 16 kills, four blocks, and an ace, contributing to the team’s victory.

2. What was the significance of playing on American soil for Annie Drews?

Playing in front of her family on home ground added an extra level of motivation and pride for Annie Drews, making the victory against Brazil even more special.

3. What previous achievements did Annie Drews have before joining the U.S. Women’s National Team?

Annie Drews earned AVCA All-America Second-Team honors in 2015 while playing for Purdue University. She consistently showcased her skills and determination throughout her college career.

4. How did Annie Drews make an impact during her first tournament with Team USA?

In her debut tournament, the Pan American Cup, Annie Drews led the team in scoring in three out of seven matches, playing a significant role in the team’s success.

5. What opportunities lie ahead for Annie Drews?

With the absence of Kelly Murphy from the team, Annie Drews has a chance to impress and solidify her position as a valuable player on the U.S. Women’s National Team.

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Annie Drews’ journey from being under the radar to becoming a rising star in women’s volleyball is a testament to her talent and hard work. With each performance, she continues to prove her worth and contribute to the success of her team. As Annie Drews looks to the future, we can expect to see more impressive displays of skill and determination from this exceptional athlete.

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