Tuesday, 28 May 2024

U.S. Men Secure Second Victory in VNL against Portugal

The U.S. Men’s Volleyball team secured their second victory in the Volleyball Nations League (VNL) against Portugal, showcasing their determination and teamwork. This win comes after a disappointing loss to Russia, making it a crucial match for the team to bounce back. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting match.

A Key Win for Team USA

After a lackluster performance against Russia, the U.S. team knew they had to regroup and perform at their best to secure a victory against Portugal. U.S. opposite player, Ben Patch, emphasized the importance of coming together emotionally, physically, and mentally as a team to secure the win. This victory sets a positive tone for the team as they move forward in the tournament.

A Strong Performance by Ben Patch

Ben Patch emerged as the top scorer of the match, contributing 20 points to the team’s victory. His outstanding performance and leadership on the court exemplify the team’s commitment to winning. Despite already qualifying for the Finals, Patch emphasized that their mentality remains focused on winning the VNL tournament, showing their dedication to success.

Strategic Lineup Choices

U.S. Head Coach John Speraw made some strategic lineup changes for the match against Portugal. One notable change was starting David Smith at middle in place of Jeff Jendryk. Additionally, Micah Ma’a replaced Garrett Muagututia as an outside hitter during the third set. These changes demonstrated the team’s adaptability and the coach’s efforts to utilize the players effectively.

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Highlights and Statistics

The U.S. team displayed an impressive performance in key areas such as kills and blocks. They outperformed Portugal in both kills (48-44) and blocks (8-6). The kill percentage of 49, led by setter Micah Christenson, showcased a significant improvement compared to the match against Russia (33.3%). Patch led the team with 17 kills, two blocks, and one ace, while T.J. DeFalco contributed 12 points on 12 kills. Christenson stood out with a match-high three blocks.

Looking Ahead

Coach Speraw described the first two weekends of the VNL as productive. He expressed his satisfaction with the performance of the players, including the returning players such as Ben Patch and Kyle Dagostino. Despite the team’s record not meeting their desired expectations, Speraw remains optimistic about their upcoming matches in Cannes and their continuous growth as a team.


Q: How can I watch the VNL matches?
A: All VNL matches are available for live streaming on FloVolleyball.tv, a subscription service.

Q: Who will the U.S. Men’s team face in their upcoming matches?
A: The U.S. Men’s team will face Argentina, Germany, and France in their next venue in Cannes, France.

Q: What are the U.S. team’s goals for the VNL tournament?
A: Despite already qualifying for the Finals, the U.S. team is determined to win the VNL tournament and is focused on achieving success in every match.


The U.S. Men’s victory against Portugal in the VNL showcased their resilience and desire for success. Led by Ben Patch’s exceptional performance, the team displayed their commitment to winning. With upcoming matches in Cannes, the team is motivated to continue improving and growing together. The U.S. Men’s team remains a strong contender in the VNL, and their dedication to victory is evident in their performance on the court.

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