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Harry E. Wilson Community Service Award – Recognizing Exceptional Leadership in Volleyball Development

Named in honor of Harry E. Wilson, the fifth president of the USVBA (1969-1971), the Harry E. Wilson Community Service Award has been a testament to the outstanding leadership displayed by organizations and individuals in the United States. This prestigious award celebrates those who have made significant contributions to the development of volleyball.

Throughout the years, numerous deserving recipients have been recognized for their exceptional service to the sport. Let’s take a look at some notable awardees:


  • Bertha Lucas, Chicago, Ill.
  • Blue Valley Activity Center, Independence, Mo.


  • Jack Foxworth, Dallas, Texas
  • Chicago Women’s Volleyball Association, Chicago, Ill.


  • Albert M. Monaco, Jr., United States Volleyball Association


  • Paul Libaud (France)

These individuals and organizations have left an indelible mark on the volleyball community through their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts. Their contributions have helped shape the landscape of the sport, fostering growth and providing opportunities for aspiring athletes across the nation.

By recognizing these remarkable leaders, the Harry E. Wilson Community Service Award not only honors their achievements but also serves as inspiration for others to strive for excellence in their own endeavors. This award symbolizes the power of dedication and passion in creating a lasting impact within the volleyball community.

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