Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Twelve Selected for Boys Youth National Team

Coaches with USA Volleyball High Performance recently announced the 12 talented players who will be representing the Boys Youth National Team in Costa Rica. This carefully chosen roster consists of exceptional athletes who have demonstrated their skills and abilities on the court. The team includes setters Joseph Karlous and Aidan Knipe, outside hitters Joseph Deluzio, James Hartley, Alex Knight, and Akhil Tangutur, middle blockers Nathaniel Gates, Ethan Hill, and Ethan Smith, opposites Clarke Godbold and Scott Solan, and libero Mason Briggs.

According to U.S. Head Coach Brad Keller, the selection process was undoubtedly challenging, as all the players who tried out for the team were incredibly skilled. However, the chosen 12 individuals displayed exceptional talent and earned their spot on the team. Keller emphasized that this should not take away from the abilities of the other participants, as they were also highly skilled.

The team’s chemistry is considered its greatest strength, with the players having gone through numerous challenges and experiences together. Setter Joseph Karlous highlighted the bond they have developed, saying, “We’ve been through so much together. This entire thing.”

In preparation for their upcoming tournament in Costa Rica, the team will focus on refining their setter-hitter connection, serve and pass skills, and other system-related aspects of their game. This attention to detail will ensure they are well-prepared for the competition.

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Out of the selected players, ten hail from USAV’s Southern California Region, while Deluzio represents the Florida Region and Hartley the Carolina Region.

This team has been training diligently at the U.S. Olympic Training Center and the Colorado Springs Christian School. Their dedication and commitment to their craft are evident in their pursuit of excellence. The team will depart for Costa Rica on June 4th to compete in the NORCECA U19 Continental Championship, which takes place from June 6th to June 10th.

It is worth noting that the Boys Youth Team achieved an impressive 15th place finish at the FIVB Boys U19 World Championship in Bahrain in 2017. In the previous year, they secured second place at the NORCECA U19 Championship in Havana, Cuba.

The coaching staff, led by Head Coach Brad Keller and supported by Assistant Coaches Nick MacRae and Colin McMillan, is determined to guide the team to success. Gabby Lutjen serves as the Team Leader, while Kevin Burch assumes the role of Technical Coordinator.

With their talent, skill, and collective effort, the Boys Youth National Team is poised to make a significant impact on the upcoming championship in Costa Rica. Their dedication and hard work exemplify the spirit of USA Volleyball High Performance. Stay tuned for their triumphant journey!


  1. How were the players selected for the Boys Youth National Team?
    Coaches with USA Volleyball High Performance carefully evaluated a pool of talented athletes and made their selections based on skill, performance, and potential.

  2. What are the team’s goals for the upcoming tournament in Costa Rica?
    The team aims to compete at the highest level and secure a successful outcome in the NORCECA U19 Continental Championship.

  3. What sets this team apart from previous youth teams?
    The team’s chemistry, built through shared experiences and challenges, contributes significantly to their success on the court.

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The Boys Youth National Team, composed of twelve exceptional players, is set to represent the United States in the NORCECA U19 Continental Championship in Costa Rica. Coaches thoroughly evaluated a talented pool of athletes before selecting the final roster. The team’s chemistry and strong bond, developed through shared experiences, make them a formidable force on the court. Coaches and players are working diligently to refine their skills and system play in preparation for the tournament. With their dedication and talent, the Boys Youth National Team is poised to make a significant impact at the championship. Stay tuned for their inspiring journey!