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STOP Teaching Setting

Do you want your players to excel in volleyball? Are you tired of the same old drills that focus only on setting? It’s time to broaden your approach and start teaching your players how to run an offense. In this article, we will explore why it’s crucial to move away from solely teaching setting and instead focus on developing all-around players who can contribute in multiple areas of the game.

The Importance of Versatility

When you label your players as “setters,” you limit their potential. Instead, encourage them to embrace all aspects of the game. By incorporating pass-set-hit drills and having every player practice setting, you can help them become more well-rounded athletes. Not only will this enhance their skills, but it will also instill a sense of teamwork and versatility.

Embracing a Multi-Faceted Approach

In addition to setting, encourage your players to develop their digging, hitting, and blocking abilities. A good setter should not only be proficient in setting but should also be a hard-working, hustling digger, and hitter. By expanding their skill set, setters become more valuable assets to the team.

Running an Offense, Not Just Setting

To truly excel as a setter, players need to understand the intricacies of running an offense. It’s not just about technique; it’s about making informed decisions based on the situation at hand. Teach your players to consider factors such as the positioning of the opponents’ blockers and the strengths of their own hitters. By focusing on the “five Ws” (what, where, when, what, and why), players can make smarter choices and elevate their game.

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Evolving Decision-Making Skills

Just like a quarterback in football, setters need to evolve their decision-making skills as they progress. Start by teaching the basics and gradually introduce more complex scenarios. As players develop their attacking skills, the playsets become more intricate, and the options more varied. Ultimately, the goal is to enable setters to make the best choices intuitively and with finesse.

Expanding the Court Perspective

To develop a more well-rounded offense, it’s essential to train players to attack from both sides of the court. Traditionally, players focus on hitting from the left side, neglecting opportunities on the right side. By incorporating “front/back” drills, players can learn to attack from both sides, opening up new possibilities for your team’s offense.

Bettering the Ball

A crucial concept in running an offense is “bettering the ball.” Whether the intended setter or a teammate stepping in, the focus should be on delivering a hittable ball to the best available hitter. Factors such as where the ball is passed and the positioning of the opponent’s blockers should guide the decision-making process. By prioritizing a hittable ball, you set your team up for success.

The Role of the Offense

The person running the offense plays a pivotal role in the team’s overall success. They touch every second ball and need to be adaptable and creative. An effective setter should be able to pursue and improve any pass, even when the situation is less than ideal. It’s important to foster an environment where every player can set and attack from anywhere on the court, enhancing the team’s offensive capabilities.

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Brazil’s Approach to Training

Brazil is known for its successful volleyball program, and they understand the importance of developing all-around players. They have implemented a 6-6 offense at the under-15 level and require all teams to run this system. This approach ensures that players develop skills in all areas of the game from an early age. Consider implementing a similar approach at your club level to enhance player development.

Embrace the Challenge

Teaching players how to run an offense is a rewarding but challenging task. It requires patience, creativity, and a deep understanding of the game. By embracing this challenge, you can help your players reach their full potential and elevate your team’s performance.


Q: How can I encourage my players to embrace all aspects of the game?
A: Incorporate pass-set-hit drills and ensure that every player has the opportunity to practice setting. Emphasize the value of being a well-rounded player and the importance of teamwork.

Q: What should setters consider when making decisions during a game?
A: Setters should consider factors such as the positioning of the opponents’ blockers, the strengths of their own hitters, and the overall flow of the game. The goal is to make informed choices that maximize the team’s offensive potential.

Q: Is it essential for players to develop their attacking skills from both sides of the court?
A: Yes, it’s crucial for players to be comfortable attacking from both the left and right sides of the court. This expands the team’s offensive options and creates a more unpredictable attack.

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Teaching players how to run an offense is a transformative approach that can take your team to new heights. By focusing on developing all-around players instead of solely teaching setting, you empower your team to be more versatile and adaptable. As players grow in their skills and understanding of the game, the options become more varied, and the team’s offensive capabilities expand. Embrace this challenge, and watch your team thrive on the court.