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Seven Champions Crowned at 2022 Girls 18 Championship

The 2022 USA Volleyball Girls 18 Junior National Championship witnessed an exhilarating display of skill and determination as Sunshine Volleyball Club (SCVA) emerged victorious in two out of the seven divisions. With a record-breaking participation of 350 teams, this year’s event showcased the growth and talent within the volleyball community.

Sunshine Volleyball Club Claims Victories

Sunshine Volleyball Club proved their mettle by clinching titles in the Open and USA divisions. Elia Ruben of Sunshine 18 LA (Open) expressed her excitement, saying, “I’ve been playing for Sunshine since I was 7 years old. The fact that it’s all over and we ended on the best note that we could end it on; it’s incredible.” Watch the full interview here.

In the Open division, Sunshine triumphed with an impressive 9-0 record, culminating in a thrilling final match against MadFrog 18 N Green (North Texas). Their phenomenal performance led them to a resounding victory, claiming the title with a score of 25-18, 25-21.

The USA division also witnessed Sunshine’s dominance as their team, Sunshine 18 Westside, displayed exceptional skill and determination, securing another flawless 9-0 record. However, their final match against Capital 18 adidas (Badger Region) proved to be a nail-biting encounter, with Sunshine emerging victorious with a scoreline of 25-18, 14-25, 15-12. Kylee Owens of Sunshine 18 Westside expressed her emotions, stating, “There [are] no words. I’m literally crying. I’m so proud of myself and the team, and all of us together. It’s been a long road.” Watch the full interview here.

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Other Remarkable Performances

The event showcased the immense talent within the volleyball community, with other teams leaving their mark on the championship. In the 18 National division, Front Range Volleyball Club (Rocky Mountain Region) emerged victorious after a thrilling battle against Alliance 18 REN (Southern Region). The final match concluded with a scoreline of 25-20, 24-26, 15-13, leaving Quincey Coyle of Front Range Volleyball Club elated. She mentioned, “We went through some struggles at the beginning of the season, but we’ve really pulled together and really executed on our game a lot more.” Watch the full interview here.

The Freedom division witnessed an outstanding performance by Coast 18 Rachel (SCVA), securing victory against Paramount VBC 18 (Chesapeake Region) with scores of 25-20, 25-12. Coast 18 Rachel demonstrated their dominance throughout the tournament, dropping only two sets. Savanah Johnson of Coast 18 Rachel expressed her elation, saying, “This entire season, we’ve been working. We’ve been going through so many changes, getting injured, getting sick with COVID, but I feel like it all paid off. We worked so hard.” Watch the full interview here.

In the 18 American division, SA Juniors 18 adidas (Lone Star Region) emerged victorious after a hard-fought battle against Viper 18-1 Jolynn/Kurstan (SCVA). The intense match concluded with a score of 25-19, 18-25, 15-5, establishing SA Juniors 18 adidas as the worthy champions.

GW/TZ 18 Asics (SCVA) claimed victory in the 18 Liberty division with a convincing performance against Arsenal 18 Gold (North Texas Region), earning a well-deserved victory with a scoreline of 25-21, 25-21. Jaedyn Gonzalez of GW/TZ 18 Asics expressed her team’s unity, stating, “We all love each other, and we all play for each other. Playing with each other for so long has made us have a really good bond. Going through challenges with each other makes it all worth it.” Watch the full interview here.

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SG Elite 18 Roshambo (SCVA) triumphed in the 18 Patriot division after a competitive match against Balboa Bay 18 Blue (SCVA), with a final score of 15-15, 25-14. Makena Morrison of SG Elite 18 Roshambo expressed her pride in the team, saying, “I’m so extremely proud of everyone; I’m gonna cry. I love each and every one, and they did such an amazing job this whole tournament.” Watch the full interview here.


  1. How many teams participated in the 2022 Girls 18 Junior National Championship?

    • A record-breaking 350 teams participated in this year’s championship.
  2. Which divisions did Sunshine Volleyball Club win?

    • Sunshine Volleyball Club won titles in the Open and USA divisions.
  3. Which team won the 18 National division?

    • Front Range Volleyball Club emerged victorious in the 18 National division.
  4. Which team dominated the Freedom division?

    • Coast 18 Rachel showcased their dominance in the Freedom division.
  5. Who claimed victory in the 18 American division?

    • SA Juniors 18 adidas emerged as champions in the 18 American division.
  6. Which team won the 18 Liberty division?

    • GW/TZ 18 Asics secured victory in the 18 Liberty division.
  7. Who emerged victorious in the 18 Patriot division?

    • SG Elite 18 Roshambo claimed victory in the 18 Patriot division.


The 2022 Girls 18 Junior National Championship witnessed top-tier volleyball action, showcasing the remarkable talent and dedication of the participating teams. Sunshine Volleyball Club emerged as true champions, securing victories in the Open and USA divisions. Additionally, Front Range Volleyball Club, Coast 18 Rachel, SA Juniors 18 adidas, GW/TZ 18 Asics, and SG Elite 18 Roshambo displayed exceptional skills and fought their way to victory in their respective divisions. These teams are a testament to the competitive spirit and sportsmanship within the volleyball community. Congratulations to all the champions for their outstanding performances!

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