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Jamie Davis Takes On New Role as CEO and Meets USA Volleyball Staff in California

Jamie Davis

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Jamie Davis, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of USA Volleyball, wasted no time in immersing himself in his new role. In his first three days on the job, Davis visited the organization’s offices in Southern California and met with top staff members to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Building Relationships and Seeking Growth

Davis kicked off his week by spending time with key individuals instrumental in developing athletes and driving USA Volleyball’s success on the international stage. This included meetings with Karch Kiraly, Matt Fuerbringer, Sean Scott, and their teams in California. Davis expressed excitement about future meetings with John Speraw and Bill Hamiter, further emphasizing the importance of collaboration and support within the organization.

A Productive Week

During his visit, Davis also engaged with the USAV Board of Directors Chair Lori Okimura, Chief Operating Officer Chris Vadala, and Secretary General Kerry Klostermann. The discussions provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s operations and goals. Davis then had the opportunity to meet with the USAV staff based in Anaheim, the official host city for the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Teams. Coaches Kiraly and Fuerbringer gave Davis an overview of the national team center and shared their insights on the challenges and opportunities they face.

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American Sports Centers

Additionally, Davis received a tour of the American Sports Centers, where the teams train in Anaheim. Gary Moy, the director of indoor national teams, highlighted the synergy between the two indoor programs. Kiraly expressed his enthusiasm about Davis’ eagerness to learn and manage relationships with various stakeholders.

Embracing Beach Volleyball

Davis continued to familiarize himself with the volleyball community by meeting the beach volleyball staff in Torrance, California. He also toured the Torrance beach office, which includes its own strength and training facility. During this time, Davis had the privilege of meeting three-time Olympic gold medalist Misty May-Treanor and two-time Olympic silver medalist Tayyiba Haneef-Park. Both athletes, who served on the CEO search committee, have offered their full support to Davis.

Exciting Plans Ahead

Looking ahead, Davis will visit the USAV headquarters in Colorado Springs and fully transition to the Colorado Springs office by the fourth week of January. His initial 50 days on the job will be filled with a series of strategic meetings, including sessions with key NBC and USOC partners and the January USAV board meeting. Davis will also travel with Okimura to visit the training center for the U.S. Men’s and Women’s Sitting Volleyball programs in Edmond, Oklahoma. Moreover, he plans to meet with all 40 USAV Regional Volleyball Association leaders across the country, as well as international leaders in the sport.


Q: What is Jamie Davis’ background?

Jamie Davis has a strong background in television, digital, and social media, as well as licensing. He brings a wealth of experience and exciting opportunities for USA Volleyball to explore.

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Q: How does Jamie Davis plan to strengthen USA Volleyball’s business outlook?

Davis aims to attract new partners, enter new markets, and elevate USA Volleyball’s brand and profile among other sports properties. His proactive style and open communication will play a vital role in driving the organization forward.


Jamie Davis, the new CEO of USA Volleyball, has wasted no time in immersing himself in his new role. His meetings with staff members and key stakeholders have laid the foundation for collaboration and growth within the organization. With his expertise in media and licensing, Davis is well-positioned to lead USA Volleyball into an exciting future. As he continues to engage with various constituents and implement strategic initiatives, the volleyball community can look forward to a promising era under his leadership.