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World University Games Conclude for MCNT

The U.S. Men’s Collegiate National Team – World University Games (MCNT – WUG) has wrapped up its journey at the 2019 Summer Universiade in Italy. In the 15-16 Final at Palazetto dello Sport, they unfortunately fell short, losing 3-0 to Argentina.

A Disappointing End

MCNT – WUG head coach Ryan Perrotte expressed his disappointment at the team’s performance, stating, “Very disappointing end to the World University Games after starting 2-0. Too many errors. We were really fatigued, and we just couldn’t make plays happen when we needed to.” Despite the result, Perrotte highlighted the positive aspects, acknowledging the outstanding contributions from many players throughout the tournament.

The Match

Argentina took the lead in the first set and maintained it throughout. Although MCNT – WUG had early leads in the second and third sets, Argentina managed to secure a comfortable victory. The match was tightly contested in the beginning of the second set, with 10 tie scores in the first 26 points. However, Argentina gained momentum and clinched the frame. In the third set, the teams were tied at 13-all before Argentina took the lead and ultimately won the match.

Reflections on the Experience

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Setter Garrett Zolg from Loyola Chicago commented on the team’s performance, saying, “A tough way to end the tournament. We played against a solid Argentina team, and they just kept finding ways to get runs on us.” Zolg also shared his overall experience, stating that it was a great opportunity to bond with other teams and witness some amazing moments.

Brett Wildman, an outside hitter from Penn State, added, “Tough loss, but all the guys tried to give their best energy, everything we had left in our tank. It was a great group of guys to play with.” Wildman expressed his disappointment but remained hopeful for future opportunities to play with and against these talented athletes.

Outstanding Performances

Middle blocker Blake Leeson led MCNT – WUG with 10 points in the match, with nine coming from successful attacks and one from a service ace. Leeson achieved an impressive attack percentage of .667. Raymond Barsemian, an outside hitter, contributed with eight successful attacks, while Wildman finished the match with seven. Barsemian also showcased his skills in receiving with 25 receptions, 10 of them rated as excellent. Libero Michael Simmons added 15 receptions to the team’s efforts.

The Tournament Results

With this loss, the USA Team finished the 2019 World University Games with a 2-4 record and secured the 16th place. Italy claimed the gold medal, followed by Poland with silver and Russia with bronze.


Q: Who led MCNT – WUG in points during the final match?
A: Middle blocker Blake Leeson led the team with 10 points, nine from attacks and one from a service ace.

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Q: What was the final ranking of the USA Team in the tournament?
A: The USA Team finished in 16th place with a 2-4 record.

Q: Which country won the gold medal?
A: Italy won the gold medal in the tournament.


The 2019 World University Games has come to an end for MCNT – WUG. Despite the disappointing final result, the team showed determination and resilience throughout the tournament. The experience gained from competing at this level will undoubtedly benefit the players in their future endeavors. Congratulations to all the participants for their hard work and dedication.

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