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MCNT – WUG Runs into Experienced Russian Team

The U.S. Men’s Collegiate National Team (MCNT – WUG) faced a tough challenge as they battled against the experienced Russian volleyball squad in the 2019 World University Games. Despite their efforts, MCNT – WUG succumbed to a 3-0 defeat (25-13, 25-15, 25-19) against Russia at PalaSele in Eboli, Italy.

Head Coach Ryan Perrotte acknowledged the invaluable experience gained by his team, who had the opportunity to compete against players who have represented Russia in the Olympic Games. Perrotte praised the caliber, serving, and passing skills displayed by the Russian team.

Although Russia took early leads in the first and second sets, the Americans showed resilience in the third set. MCNT – WUG took the lead at 2-3 with a Russian error and maintained their advantage on several occasions. However, a strong finish from the Russians, including a 12-4 run, secured the set and the match.

MCNT – WUG’s Chandler Gibb, also a setter at Concordia University Irvine, highlighted the significance of playing against professional and Olympic-level competitors. The team demonstrated solid blocking and effective sideouts against the strong Russian squad. Despite a challenging start, MCNT – WUG found their rhythm in the third set, showcasing their skills in the international volleyball arena.

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Jaylen Jasper, playing as opposite, led the U.S. team with six points, all from kills, while Ethan Siegfried and Brett Wildman contributed five points each, with four points from attacks and one service ace. Middle blocker Tyler Mitchem recorded four kills, and Blake Leeson added three.

Overall, the American team scored 25 points on 62 attacks, resulting in a scoring percentage of .403. Russia, on the other hand, scored 35 points on 61 attacks, achieving an impressive .574 mark.

Siegfried led the match in service receptions with 19 attempts, followed by Michael Simmons with 17, demonstrating the team’s defensive capabilities. Wildman also reached double digits with 12 service receptions.

With this loss, MCNT – WUG’s record now stands at 2-1 in the 2019 Summer Universiade, placing them third in Group B with four points. Portugal, also with a 2-1 record, holds second place with six points. Russia remains unbeaten, topping the group with a perfect 4-0 record and 12 points. China and South Korea are tied for fourth place with one point each.

In their upcoming match on Tuesday, July 9, at PalaTedeschi in Benevento, Italy, the U.S. team will face Portugal in a battle for second place in the group and a spot in the championship quarterfinals bracket. Perrotte expressed optimism for a strong performance from his team, acknowledging their determination and resilience against a formidable Russian team.


Q: How did MCNT – WUG perform against Russia in the 2019 World University Games?
A: MCNT – WUG suffered a 3-0 defeat against Russia, with sets ending at 25-13, 25-15, and 25-19.

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Q: What were the key contributions from MCNT – WUG players in the match?
A: Jaylen Jasper led the team with six points, all from kills, while Ethan Siegfried and Brett Wildman contributed five points each, combining attacks and service aces.

Q: How did the American team fare defensively in the match?
A: Ethan Siegfried excelled in service receptions with 19 attempts, followed by Michael Simmons with 17, showcasing their defensive prowess.


In a challenging encounter against a highly experienced Russian volleyball squad, MCNT – WUG faced a 3-0 defeat in the 2019 World University Games. The American team demonstrated resilience and fought hard, particularly in the third set, where they showcased their skills in blocking and sideouts. Although MCNT – WUG fell short, the experience gained from competing against pro players and potential Olympic athletes will undoubtedly benefit their development. With determination and a positive mindset, the team aims to bounce back in their upcoming match against Portugal to secure second place in the group and advance further in the tournament.