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It’s About Efficiency in Learning: Maximizing Success on the Field

Imagine being able to optimize your training methods and achieve better results on the field. While many coaches stick to traditional drills, there is a more effective way to help your players learn and improve their skills. It’s not about right or wrong; it’s about efficiency in learning. By understanding the science behind learning, we can revolutionize the way we coach. In this article, we will explore how adopting a more game-like approach can lead to better player development and ultimately, success in sports.

Learning Through Play: A Game-Changing Approach

When it comes to learning a sport, drills can only take you so far. Many coaches and players prefer drills because they are easier and make them look good, but they fail to transfer those skills to real game situations. This creates false confidence and limits a player’s ability to perform when it matters most. Instead, we should focus on creating an environment where players learn by playing the game itself.

Embracing Reality: Learning Skills That Translate to Success

The traditional approach to coaching often involves repetitive drills that are not reflective of the actual game. While these drills may seem effective in practice, they often fail to translate into real-game scenarios. For example, partner passing drills may improve ball control, but they do not prepare players for the challenges of serve reception. By incorporating game-like situations into training, players can develop the necessary skills to excel in actual matches.

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The Power of Small-Sided Games: Learning in a Realistic Environment

Young children learn essential skills like driving, biking, or even playing tag without the need for drills or coaches. They learn by doing, adapting, and making mistakes in a realistic environment. The same principles apply to sports. By creating small-sided games that mimic the challenges of the sport, players can learn and develop their skills in a more effective and game-like way.

Trust, Love, and Growth: Building a Positive Learning Environment

Creating a positive learning environment is crucial for player development. Coaches should foster trust and love among players, encouraging them to embrace failure as a stepping stone to success. When athletes feel supported and motivated rather than judged, they are more likely to challenge themselves and grow both technically and mentally.

Embracing the Game: Unlocking Potential Through Natural Learning

To truly excel in a sport, we must let the game teach the game. While drills have their place, they should not dominate training sessions. Instead, we should focus on essential skills like cooperation, attitude, character development, grit, perseverance, and leadership. By guiding players through discovery and observation, we equip them with the tools they need to make adjustments on their own and perform at their best.


Q: Why should I adopt a game-like approach to coaching?
A: By incorporating game-like situations into training, players can develop skills that translate to success on the field. This approach allows for more efficient and effective learning, leading to better player development.

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Q: How can I create a positive learning environment for my players?
A: Building trust and love among players is key. Encourage them to embrace failure as a natural part of the learning process and provide support and motivation rather than judgment.

Q: What essential skills should I focus on as a coach?
A: While technical skills are important, it is equally crucial to focus on cooperation, attitude, character development, grit, perseverance, and leadership. These skills will not only enhance performance but also contribute to personal growth.


To optimize player development and achieve success on the field, we must shift our focus from traditional drills to a more game-like approach. By embracing the realities of the sport, creating a positive learning environment, and allowing the game to teach the game, we can unlock the full potential of our players. Let’s revolutionize the way we coach and help our athletes thrive in their chosen sports.

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