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U.S. Women Eyeing World Grand Prix Finals Spot

After an impressive start in the FIVB World Grand Prix, the U.S. Women’s National Team encountered tough challenges against Italy and China, resulting in two hard-fought losses. As they head into the final preliminary round weekend, the Americans are determined to secure their spot in the World Grand Prix Finals.

Journey to Brazil

The U.S. team traveled to Cuiaba, Brazil, after their matches in Macau, China. They will face The Netherlands on July 20 and Belgium on July 21 before concluding the preliminary round against defending champions Brazil on July 23. Fans can catch all three matches live on the Olympic Channel.

Standings and Competition

Currently standing in third place among the 12 teams in World Grand Prix Group 1, the U.S. team holds a 4-2 record. The standings are led by Serbia and the Netherlands, both with 5-1 records and 15 points. However, the U.S. team maintains a three-point lead over Italy and China due to their five-set losses. Japan also poses a challenge with a 4-2 record.

Road to the Finals

The top five teams in the standings, along with host China, will advance to the FIVB World Grand Prix Final Round in Nanjing, China, from August 2-6. If China finishes in the top five, the sixth-place team will join the elite field. With the U.S. team currently in a promising position, every match becomes crucial as they vie for a spot in the Finals.

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Match Highlights

The upcoming match between the U.S. and the Netherlands marks a special reunion as former U.S. Women’s National Team assistant coach Jamie Morrison now serves as head coach for the Dutch team. While the Netherlands has a 5-1 record, their only loss came in a close five-set match against Japan. They have yet to face a team in the top five of the standings.

Belgium has struggled in this year’s World Grand Prix, going winless in six matches. However, two of their losses came against top-ranked Serbia and the Netherlands. Brazil, on the other hand, sits in seventh place with a 3-3 record, facing the challenge of climbing into the top five.

Team Roster and Key Players

U.S. Women’s National Team Head Coach Karch Kiraly has chosen to keep the same 14-player roster for the first six matches. The team showcases experienced players such as Olympic bronze medalist Carli Lloyd, Micha Hancock, Kelly Murphy, and Amanda Benson.

Players like Michelle Bartsch-Hackley, Madi Kingdon, and Sarah Wilhite have contributed significantly to the team’s success so far. Bartsch-Hackley leads all players in serving, while Kingdon ranks 10th in scoring and second in kill percentage. Wong-Orantes has also been a standout performer, recording excellent digs per set.

Road to the Finals

With three matches remaining in the preliminary round, the competition intensifies. Italy, China, and Japan are all contenders for a place in the Finals, facing teams ranked lower in the standings. Brazil, just one win away from the top five, will be challenged by the U.S., the Netherlands, and Belgium.

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A Legacy of Success

The U.S. team has a storied history in the FIVB World Grand Prix, having won the tournament six times. They have emerged victorious in four of the last seven years, including a gold medal in 2015 and a silver medal in 2016. The rivalry between the U.S. and Brazil has shaped the tournament, with both countries dominating and winning a combined 17 titles since 2008.


  • Q: How many teams will advance to the World Grand Prix Finals?

    • A: The top five teams in the standings, along with host China, will advance to the Finals.
  • Q: Who are the key players for the U.S. Women’s National Team?

    • A: Key players include Carli Lloyd, Micha Hancock, Kelly Murphy, and Michelle Bartsch-Hackley.
  • Q: How has the U.S. team performed in previous World Grand Prix tournaments?

    • A: The U.S. team has won the tournament six times, with recent success in 2015 and reaching the gold-medal match in 2016.


As the U.S. Women’s National Team continues their journey in the FIVB World Grand Prix, they are poised to secure a spot in the Finals. With a talented roster and impressive performances, they hope to add another title to their legacy of success. Stay tuned to witness their thrilling matches and cheer for the U.S. team as they strive for victory.