Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Boys Youth Team Continues Dominance with 2-0 Win over Honduras

The U.S. Boys Youth National Team showcased their skills in a convincing victory against Honduras at the NORCECA U19 Championship in San José, Costa Rica. The team’s impressive performance sets up an exciting match with Cuba in the final pool play.

A Dominant Display of Volleyball

Led by Head Coach Brad Keller, the United States displayed their superior technical play and powerful attacks throughout the match. The team outperformed Honduras in kills, blocks, and aces, showcasing their dominance on the court.

Stellar Performances from Rising Stars

Every U.S. player made an impact, with setters Joe Karlous and Aidan Knipe guiding the team to a remarkable .412 hitting efficiency. Outside hitter Alex Knight led all scorers with 13 points, showcasing his versatility with seven kills, five aces, and one block. Middle blocker Ethan Hill and opposite Scott Solan also contributed with impressive performances.

Teamwork and Focus Reign Supreme

The U.S. Boys Youth National Team emphasized the importance of staying focused and playing together as a team. Despite a rocky start in the first set, the team’s chemistry and determination prevailed, leading to their commanding victory.

Next Up: An Exciting Showdown with Cuba

The U.S. Boys Youth National Team’s undefeated record sets the stage for an electrifying match against Cuba, an equally formidable opponent. Volleyball enthusiasts can catch the action live on

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What is the NORCECA U19 Championship?

The NORCECA U19 Championship is a prestigious volleyball tournament featuring top youth teams from North, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Who is the head coach of the U.S. Boys Youth National Team?

The head coach of the U.S. Boys Youth National Team is Brad Keller, an experienced coach with an impressive background in men’s volleyball.

Where can I watch the matches?

Fans can watch the U.S. Boys Youth National Team’s matches live on


The U.S. Boys Youth National Team showcased their skills and determination in a dominant victory over Honduras. With their undefeated record, the team now prepares for a thrilling matchup against Cuba. Stay tuned to witness the next chapter of their journey in the NORCECA U19 Championship.

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