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Beach Update: Moscow Bronze for Kerri/Brooke

Brooke Sweat and Kerri Walsh Jennings, two talented beach volleyball players, have achieved a remarkable feat at the FIVB World Tour four-star event in Moscow. They secured a third-place finish, putting them in a tie for third in the FIVB provisional Olympic rankings. In a thrilling third-place match, the duo defeated Karla Borger and Julia Sude from Germany, showcasing their exceptional skills and determination.

Walsh Jennings expressed her satisfaction with the victory, emphasizing the significance of the win for their Olympic aspirations. She acknowledged the strength of their opponents and their own desire to secure a spot in Tokyo. Moreover, Walsh Jennings was recognized for her outstanding performance and received two individual awards in Moscow for best blocker and fair play.

This achievement marks Sweat and Walsh Jennings’ third bronze and fifth medal on the World Tour since they partnered up last year. Their consistent success demonstrates their ability to compete at the highest level.

Another notable U.S. team, Kelly Claes and Sarah Sponcil, finished tied for fifth place in the tournament. Despite their loss to Switzerland’s Anouk Vergé-Dépré and Joana Heidrich in the third round, Claes and Sponcil are currently the third-place U.S. team in the women’s Olympic rankings and are ranked fourth overall.

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Both Sweat and Walsh Jennings, as well as Claes and Sponcil, have fulfilled the requirement of participating in 12 FIVB events for Olympic qualification. However, Alix Klineman and April Ross, the top-ranked U.S. team and second overall, still need one more event to reach the necessary 12, which they will participate in at the upcoming FIVB World Tour Finals in Rome.

On the men’s side, Jake Gibb and Taylor Crabb achieved the highest finish among U.S. teams in Moscow. The 11th-seeded pair caused an upset by defeating Germany’s sixth-ranked Julius Thole and Clemens Wickler in pool play. Although they were eliminated in the second round by Italy’s Paolo Nicolai and Daniele Lupo, Gibb and Crabb displayed their resilience and competitive spirit.


  • Women:

    1. Anouk Vergé-Dépré/Joana Heidrich – SUI
    2. Taiana Lima/Talita Da Rocha Atunes – BRA
    3. Brooke Sweat/Kerri Walsh Jennings – USA
      5T. Kelly Claes/Sarah Sponcil
      17T. Kelley Larsen/Emily Stockman
  • Men:

    1. Alexsandrs Samoilovs/Janis Smedins – LAT
    2. Alison Ceruti/Alvaro Marais Filho – BRA
    3. Julius Thole/Clemens Wickler – GER
      9T. Jake Gibb/Taylor Crabb
      25T. Stafford Slick/Billy Allen

Three U.S. men’s teams will compete in the World Tour three-star event in Jurmala, Latvia. Stafford Slick/Billy Allen are seeded third in the main draw, which will begin on August 23. Casey Patterson/Chase Budinger are seeded seventh, while Miles Evans/Bill Kolinske are seeded 13th.

Reid Priddy, a three-time Olympian and two-time medalist in indoor volleyball, claimed his first victory in beach volleyball alongside Trevor Crabb at the AVP Manhattan Beach Open. Crabb is currently partnering with Priddy due to Tri Bourne’s injury. In the final, Crabb and Priddy defeated Chase Budinger and Casey Patterson.

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In the women’s final, Canada’s Sarah Pavan and Melissa Humana-Paredes emerged victorious over Alix Klineman and April Ross from the United States. This week, both teams are participating in the Aurora Games in Albany, N.Y., along with Nina Betschart/Tanja Huberli from Switzerland and Barbora Hermannova/Marketa Slukova from the Czech Republic.


  • Women Main Draw:
    2. Alix Klineman/April Ross
    9. Kelly Claes/Sarah Sponcil
    10. Kelley Larsen/Emily Stockman
    Country Quota: Betsi Flint/Emily Day, Sara Hughes/Lauren Fendrick, Brooke Sweat/Kerri Walsh Jennings

  • Men Main Draw:
    7. Nick Lucena/Phil Dalhausser
    14. Trevor Crabb/Tri Bourne
    17. Taylor Crabb/Jake Gibb
    Country Quota: Billy Allen/Stafford Slick, Casey Patterson/Chase Budinger, Reid Priddy/Theo Brunner


  1. How did Brooke Sweat and Kerri Walsh Jennings perform at the FIVB World Tour event in Moscow?

    • They finished third in the tournament, solidifying their position in the FIVB provisional Olympic rankings.
  2. What awards did Kerri Walsh Jennings receive in Moscow?

    • She was recognized as the best blocker and also received the fair play award.
  3. Which U.S. women’s beach volleyball team is currently ranked third in the Olympic rankings?

    • Kelly Claes and Sarah Sponcil are currently the third-ranked U.S. team and fourth overall in the women’s Olympic rankings.

In the FIVB World Tour four-star event in Moscow, Brooke Sweat and Kerri Walsh Jennings claimed a well-deserved bronze medal, positioning them among the top contenders in the FIVB provisional Olympic rankings. Their victory against the German duo Karla Borger and Julia Sude showcased their determination and skill. Alongside Sweat and Walsh Jennings, Kelly Claes and Sarah Sponcil have also fulfilled their Olympic qualification requirements. Alix Klineman and April Ross are set to complete their 12 FIVB events at the World Tour Finals in Rome. On the men’s side, Jake Gibb and Taylor Crabb put on an impressive performance in Moscow, defeating higher-ranked opponents. Additionally, Reid Priddy and Trevor Crabb emerged victorious at the AVP Manhattan Beach Open, displaying their versatility in the sport.

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