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Boys U19 Team Shines with 16 Blocks to Defeat Egypt at 2023 Worlds

The U.S. Boys U19 National Team has made an impressive start at the 2023 FIVB Boys U19 World Championship, securing a resounding 3-0 victory over Egypt in San Juan, Argentina. The team’s dominant performance was highlighted by an astonishing 16 blocks, proving to be the deciding statistic in the match. Setter Tread Rosenthal led the way with four blocks, while middle blockers Tristan Whitfield and Kaumana Carreira each contributed four blocks as well. The U.S. team’s solid blocking game was instrumental in their triumph.

Making an Impact at the Championship

The U.S. Boys U19 squad showcased their skills early in the match, taking an 11-4 lead right from the start and forcing Egypt to call an early timeout. The team continued to excel throughout the first set, hitting an impressive .350. Finn Kearney stood out, delivering five successful attacks right off the bat.

In the second set, the U.S. once again demonstrated their dominance, scoring eight out of the first 10 points. Although Egypt made several attempts to close the gap, the U.S. responded with three consecutive points to maintain a comfortable lead.

The third set proved to be a battle, with Egypt initially falling behind but then staging a comeback to take the lead. However, the U.S. quickly regained their composure and tied the score with two consecutive points. The set remained highly contested, with Egypt serving for the set at 24-23. However, the U.S. displayed resilience and determination, securing the final three points to seal the victory.

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Standout Performances and Strong Team Culture

Outside hitter Sterling Foley led all scorers with an impressive 16 points, achieved through 13 kills, two blocks, and one ace. Sean Kelly, also an outside hitter, matched Foley’s 13 kills and displayed exceptional efficiency, hitting at a remarkable .619 with no errors in 21 attacks. Kelly’s performance was further highlighted by his 14 successful receptions, just one shy of Egypt’s entire team total.

Opposite Finn Kearney also made a significant impact, contributing 10 points from eight kills, one block, and one ace. Libero Kellen Larson showcased his defensive prowess with 18 digs, bringing his total to an impressive 39 digs in the first two matches of the championship.

Coach’s Perspective and Look Ahead

Head coach Charlie Sullivan praised his team’s impressive performance and emphasized their strong unity and culture. He acknowledged the upcoming challenge of facing host country Argentina, recognizing their talent and disciplined style of play. Sullivan expressed confidence in his team’s abilities and highlighted their determination to compete at a high level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How did the U.S. Boys U19 National Team perform in their match against Egypt?
A: The U.S. Boys U19 National Team delivered an outstanding performance, securing a convincing 3-0 victory over Egypt. Their dominant showing was highlighted by an impressive 16 blocks.

Q: Who were the standout players for the U.S. Boys U19 National Team?
A: Sterling Foley and Sean Kelly showcased exceptional skills, with Foley leading all scorers with 16 points and Kelly matching Foley’s 13 kills with remarkable efficiency.

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The U.S. Boys U19 National Team made a strong start at the 2023 FIVB Boys U19 World Championship, defeating Egypt with a commanding 3-0 victory. The team’s exceptional blocking performance proved crucial, as they secured 16 blocks throughout the match. Standout performances from players such as Sterling Foley and Sean Kelly, along with their strong team culture, contributed to their success. The team now looks forward to their upcoming match against host country Argentina, prepared to face the challenge head-on.

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