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2017 Beach U21 Coaches Named

The USA Volleyball Beach High Performance department has recently announced the appointment of two new coaches for the upcoming 2017 FIVB Beach U21 World Championships. This article introduces the coaches and provides insights into their backgrounds and achievements.

Meet the Coaches

Marcio Sicoli

Marcio Sicoli, the assistant coach of beach volleyball at Pepperdine University, has been selected as one of the head coaches for the U21 team. With extensive experience coaching beach volleyball, Sicoli has played a pivotal role in the success of athletes like April Ross and Kerri Walsh Jennings, who won a bronze medal at the 2016 Olympics. As a native of Brazil, Sicoli has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the sport, having also coached his home country’s beach volleyball team at the Olympics, where they secured a silver medal. Sicoli is excited to contribute to the youth development program and is looking forward to implementing innovative concepts.

Jose Loiola

Joining Sicoli as the other head coach is Jose Loiola, a former player who competed in the 2000 Olympics for Brazil. Loiola brings a unique perspective to coaching, having recently worked with 2016 Olympic hopefuls Jennifer Kessy and Emily Day during the FIVB World Tour. With his experience as a player and coach, Loiola will be a valuable asset to the U21 team.

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Youth Development and Future Goals

The appointment of Sicoli and Loiola is part of a larger initiative led by Megan Burgdorf, USA Volleyball’s Manager of High Performance, to revamp the youth pipeline. The goal is to nurture young talent and elevate the sport to new heights. With the Tokyo Olympics just around the corner, the development process for the quad has already begun, and the inclusion of experienced coaches like Sicoli and Loiola will contribute to the long-term goals of USA Volleyball.

Past Achievements and Expectations

The U.S. has a strong history in U21 World Championships, with notable performances in previous editions. In 2014, USA secured a bronze medal with the team of Kelly Claes and Sara Hughes. The last edition saw Sarah Sponcil and Torrey Van Winden finish in an impressive fourth place. With such promising results, there is great anticipation for the upcoming 2017 FIVB Beach U21 World Championships.


Q: When and where will the trials for the U21 team take place?

A: The trials for the U21 team will be held in Chula Vista, Calif., from December 20th to 23rd.

Q: What are the qualifications for the U21 team?

A: The trials are open to athletes born in 1997 or later.

Q: How many editions of the U21 event have taken place?

A: The 2017 event marks the 16th edition of the U21 World Championships.

Q: What is the United States’ history in the U21 World Championships?

A: The U.S. has competed in the youth World Championship series since 2011, with the men’s team participating every year and the women’s team missing only 2006 and 2007. The U.S. has medaled twice, winning gold in 2010 and bronze in 2014.

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The USA Volleyball Beach High Performance department has named Marcio Sicoli and Jose Loiola as the head coaches for the U21 team for the 2017 FIVB Beach U21 World Championships. Sicoli, with his experience coaching Olympic medalists, brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. Loiola, a former player himself, is also well-equipped to guide the young athletes. Under the leadership of these coaches, the U.S. aims to continue its successful streak in the U21 World Championships. The trials for the U21 team will be held in December, and the team is excited to compete in the upcoming championship.