Friday, 14 Jun 2024

Athletes Unlimited League Play Begins This Week

The U.S. women’s professional volleyball league, Athletes Unlimited, is set to debut this week, providing fans with an exciting opportunity to watch their favorite sport. Additionally, this league offers U.S. athletes a chance to play domestically, a long-awaited dream for many players.

A New Home for U.S. Athletes

Some of the top U.S. National Team players, including Tori Dixon, Jordan Larson, and Karsta Lowe, will be showcasing their skills in Athletes Unlimited. The roster also features former national teamers Cassidy Lichtman and Lauren Gibbemeyer. Notably, the league has attracted international talent, such as Brazilian two-time Olympic champion Sheilla Castro and Puerto Rico Olympian Aury Cruz.

Fulfilling a Dream

In the winter, many elite volleyball players compete in professional leagues overseas, where they can earn a living while doing what they love. However, there has always been a desire for a professional league in the United States. Athletes Unlimited aims to fill that void and provide an opportunity for both U.S. and international players to compete at a high level within the country.

“I am excited about playing at home,” says Cassidy Lichtman. “There are also foreigners who are excited about playing in the U.S. To have people like that here, and to have that high level in the first season, is huge.”

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Empowering the Players

The league operates with a five-member Player Executive Committee, which actively participates in decision-making processes. Both Cassidy Lichtman and Jordan Larson are part of this committee, ensuring that the athletes have a significant say in shaping the league.

“It’s not lip-service,” Lichtman adds. “They really are allowing athletes a lot of power in the decision-making.”

A Unique Format

Athletes Unlimited differentiates itself from other professional leagues by having all players based in Dallas, Texas. All matches will be held at Fair Park Coliseum from February 27 to March 29, although this year, due to COVID-19, no spectators will be allowed.

Captains and Drafts

Before each weekend of matches, four team captains are selected from the pool of players. Each captain then drafts their team, creating a sense of camaraderie and competition within the league. Each team is assigned a color based on their standing: 1. Gold, 2. Orange, 3. Blue, 4. Purple.

The Scoring System

Matches consist of three sets, with the winning team being the one with the most total points. Additionally, players earn individual points based on their statistics, and three players are voted as the MVP of each match by both their peers and fans who join the “Unlimited Club.”

According to the Athletes Unlimited website, they have developed a unique scoring system that highlights both the players’ measurable individual performance and their intangible influence on the team’s outcome. To learn more about the scoring system, visit the Athletes Unlimited website here.

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Watch the Matches

Athletes Unlimited matches will be available for live streaming on Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. Some matches will also be broadcasted on CBS Sports and FOX Sports. You can find the complete schedule on the Athletes Unlimited website here.


Q: How many sets are played in an Athletes Unlimited match?

A: Each match is played to three sets.

Q: How is the winning team determined in Athletes Unlimited?

A: The winning team is the one that finishes with the most total points.

Q: How are MVPs chosen in Athletes Unlimited matches?

A: Three players are voted as the MVP of each match, with the voting conducted by both players and fans who are part of the “Unlimited Club.”

Q: Where can I watch Athletes Unlimited matches?

A: Athletes Unlimited matches can be live-streamed on Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. Some matches will also be shown on CBS Sports and FOX Sports.


The launch of the Athletes Unlimited league marks an exciting development for the U.S. women’s professional volleyball scene. With a unique format, empowerment of players, and an innovative scoring system, this league is set to captivate fans both domestically and internationally. Be sure to tune in and support your favorite athletes as they compete in Athletes Unlimited.

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