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Margie Mara: USAV Frier Award Winner

USA Volleyball recently honored Margie Mara with the prestigious Harold T. Friermood “Frier” Award, the highest recognition bestowed by the national governing body. This accolade was presented during the Dorothy C. Boyce Awards Recognition Banquet in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where Margie expressed her gratitude for the honor. Let’s take a closer look at Margie Mara’s remarkable contributions to the sport of volleyball and her impact on USA Volleyball.

Margie Mara’s Journey

Margie Mara began her journey with USA Volleyball in 1994 as the managing director and has since been promoted to senior director, overseeing a wide range of programs such as Region Services, Sport Development, Coaching Education, and Officials’ Development. In addition to her existing responsibilities, she has also taken on the role of staff liaison for the growing USOC SafeSport initiative.

Key Responsibilities

As a member of USA Volleyball’s senior management staff, Margie supervises the development and implementation of the organization’s online registration system, ensuring seamless communication with every member. She also serves as the primary liaison to the Regional Operations Division and the RVAA Insurance Committee, managing risk management programs and supporting regional leadership.

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Margie’s role extends beyond the administrative aspects of the sport. She is an FIVB internationally qualified scorekeeper and serves as the staff liaison for both the Rules Commission and the Officials’ Division. Her coordination skills play a vital role in maintaining effective communication within these groups. Additionally, she oversees the development and posting of materials on the Volleyball Ref Training website.

Margie Mara: A Key Player in International Events

Margie Mara has been actively involved in international and domestic events hosted by USA Volleyball. Her experience includes working as the athlete services coordinator for the indoor volleyball competition at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. She also provided assistance to the U.S. beach and indoor volleyball teams with logistics and ticketing for athletes’ family and friends at the 2016 Olympic Games. Margie’s expertise extends to her roles as a liaison with NORCECA, FIVB, and ParaVolley during USAV-hosted international events. She has also served on both the NORCECA Beach Commission and the NORCECA Sport Organizing Commission.

The Early Years and Accomplishments

Margie Mara’s journey in volleyball began when she started teaching at a junior high in Lafayette, Indiana, in 1973. Assigned to coach the seventh and eighth grade volleyball teams, she quickly developed a passion for the sport. Over the years, Margie’s dedication to volleyball led her to various leadership positions, including serving as the first president of the NAIA Coaches Association and as a representative on the NAGWS Rules Committee and the USA Volleyball Board of Directors.

Recognition and Awards

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Margie’s immense contributions to volleyball have been recognized through several awards. These include the 1998 Dr. Neville “Doc” Booth Commissioners Award, the 2001 George J. Fisher Leader in Volleyball award, and the 2005 Glen G. Davies Referee Service Award. Her valuable work within the sport has left a lasting impact.


Margie Mara’s journey in volleyball has been nothing short of inspiring. From her early coaching days to her pivotal role in USA Volleyball, Margie has been a driving force in the sport’s development and success. Her commitment and dedication have been recognized through numerous accolades. Margie Mara continues to play a crucial role in shaping the future of volleyball through her tireless efforts and leadership.


Q: What is Margie Mara’s current role within USA Volleyball?
A: Margie Mara is currently serving as the senior director overseeing Region Services, Sport Development, Coaching Education, and Officials’ Development programs at USA Volleyball.

Q: What awards has Margie Mara received for her contributions to volleyball?
A: Margie Mara has received several awards, including the Dr. Neville “Doc” Booth Commissioners Award in 1998, the George J. Fisher Leader in Volleyball award in 2001, and the Glen G. Davies Referee Service Award in 2005.